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NEW pictures of Amber!!!! - Page 2

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Debby...she absolutely adorable! I love all the pics. Thansk for sharing.
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Thank you so much!!! I think she is just a little doll myself. I will have more pics down the road to share. Merlin is adjusting to her just fine. He won't go near her! That picture of him and her on hubby's lap is the closest he has ever come to her!! Brent has held her up to him to see what he would do, and he will sniff the air in front of her, and then take off!!!! He wants nothing to do with her!! :laughing:
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Debby she is just gorgeous!! - but where are the "MUMMY and baby" pics?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
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Oh my!!!
What a little love-bug!
Amber is truly so beautiful Debby.
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Debby, We can't allow you to get away with this! I agree with Rhea; we need pictures of Mommy and baby too. Don't worry is you have retained a bit of weight! Most of us have had babies, and know all about that! It will go away!
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She is gorgeous! I love the christianing pics and the lap with Merlin pics
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What great pics!! Amber looks so precious. I love the pictures with her little red outfit.
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Debby, Amber is such a beautiful baby. I also love the pic of her asleep in the swing. So cute! That christening gown is gorgeous, too.
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Oh Debby, Amber is such a beeootiful little munchkin! Please give her a little kiss from her favourite Aussie cyber-Aunt.
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Ahhh... I'm a sucker for baby pictures!
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She is soooo sweet! Give her a big smooch on the cheek for me!
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Debby Sweetling,
I came, I saw, I was conquered. She is a gift to the heart and soul. You are so lucky to have her and she is so lucky to have you. Blessed be Debby and Amber.

Hugs, Dee
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Little Bit
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It's always a joy to see a little person so new and tender. Thank you!

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OH , what a super adorable sweet little girl !!!
Congrats to you and your hubby !!! I love baby-pics .
I wish I could give this sweet girl a huge cuddle ...
Hey , if you need a baby-sitter ..... (lol , I live in Europe ..)

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Thank you! And Rhea and Jeanie, I will try to have someone take some pics of me with her! But usually I am the one behind the camera, so I can't gaurantee anything! :laughing:
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She is so very beautiful Debby,
Thank you for sharing those wonderful pics with us.
I love her in red velvet, so cute..
I could just cudlle her to no end.
Tish +
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Thank you!! I think she is pretty cuddly myself! And she is smiling now!! And cooing at me!! I just love it!!!
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