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Update on my SIL

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She got moved to a regular hospital room yesterday afternoon. All tubes are out except for the feeding tube in her nose which will be moved to her stomach today or tomorrow. She keeps on touching it so it must bother her. Also the gauze and tape by her right ear-she was scratching that like crazy last night.
Due to being on heavy duty anti-biotics she contracted thrush (a yeast infection) in her mouth. Her hair is very short and she has lots of staples in her head (yikes!!)
She was pretty alert last night when we visited. Her daughters put her glasses on but no one knows yet how her vision is. No talking yet even though she will move her mouth. She can do ok with her hand, thumbs up or down and we asked her to wave goodbye last night and she did lift her hand up.
PT has been started for a couple of days-they are trying to have her sit up and they are doing stretching on her leg muscles.
Its going to be a really slow long process but considering what her chances where just a couple of weeks ago she has made significant strides!!:
Her daughters are sassing off to her and she will respond in her own way to them.
Thanks to everyone who has given good thoughts to Barb, they are working!!
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Oh that's wonderful news! I Hope she continues to get better....& quickly!
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Glad Barb is doing better, Gail!
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Great news Gail!
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may the improvements shown so far continue and grow. Hoping she gets well soon. Sending more get well vibes to her from all 3 of us.
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So glad that Barb is improving! Vibes continuing for her!
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That is great news to hear! Yay!
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Oh thats wonderful news.. Hope everything gets better by the Day
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I am glad to hear that she is doing better.

I am still sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for her. Please keep us updated on how she is doing.

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That's great to hear Gail. She sounded in such a bad way, I have to admit I'm surprised to that you're posting such good news. Way to go Barb!! All your family must be so relieved.
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Great news! I'm very happy to hear it!
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