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As far as burke goes, I say fire the actor and Hire old-benton from ER to seamlessly take his place
I totally disagree with you! He IS Burke, you can't replace him with another actor. This is not Days of our Lives (well, not exactly). I would be really offended if they did that, like I'm too stupid to notice. Plus Washington and Oh have great chemistry. Eric LaSalle is not a suitable replacement IMO. He was never that good and he's already done the whole grumpy surgeon role, so what's the point.
I don't see why the guy should be fired just because he's a mite crazy and can't keep his slur-spurring mouth shut. The Donald said a whole crapload of junk about Rosie and nobody got half as freaked out. He might not have commented on her sexual orientation, but he did call her a horrible human being etc etc ad nauseum. IMO, all Washington does when he mouths off is make himself look stupid. Nobody who doesn't have a problem with homosexuality is going to be swayed by his stupid comment. And if someone agrees with the comment, well, they were of that opinion before. I think the most offensive thing about the whole fiasco is that it has basically put a big "Gay" sign on the top of the "things about TR Knight" list. Who cares? He's great as George. Washington is great as Burke. Let it go. Don't kill the cast. Especially when, from what I understand, the crew and cast including Knight have gone back to work amicably (I can't spell this word, it looks wrong however I do it). I get that Washington was out of line, but people say stupid things every day and it's really just a comment on the person who said it. He obviously has some issues, but seriously, who doesn't? I have a boatload of crazy in my just don't get to see it televised at the Golden Globes.