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well here its 7:34 am...and well I wanted to go to sleep I even turned off my labtop and well luckily this computer was still on, what can I say I am lazy but anywho I was going to bed around 7, until I walked downstairs for a drink of pop and the kitties stunk up the downstairs and Tessa was looking so cute on the cat tree, and then Willie decides he wants to join and starts fighting with the other cats (see what my dad does when he leaves for work, leaves everyone out and I gotta deal with it ) So willie went back in my moms room and now its me, blue, bella, tessa, and Stormie and Blue and stormie are playing, I can tell this is going to be a LOOOOONG day at least the dogs went in my moms room, see when my dad leaves for work he lets Tessa and Blue out and then the dogs usually go in their room, and well I didnt hear any one after he left so I go to get a drink and I was looking for them just to pet them (tessa was a shock to me on the cat tree of course I got pics) and well blue came running out of no where to my room, and stormie wanted out because she hears the other ones and wants to go play and bella came out because i did, what can I say bellas always gotta be on the same floor as me mostly in the same place but its cute So I decided to go get pictures of the trees outside with snow, our whole road is covered the salt crew hasnt even come on it, its snow and ice and well i guess us being the only house just isnt important for them but u can see my dads tire marks, so I will post those later and well I will be taking more pics with my mom if she can wake me up if i even get to sleep !!! And well Willie is back checking things out, I gotta keep my eyes open now, but thats it sorry if i typed to long or didnt make sense lol, what can I say I am tired but wired now lol