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Oh, boy. Do I ever know what you mean. I'm a teacher in a separate special education school that serves students ages 3-21, who have moderate to profound disabilities. My gang this year is severely autistic...try to get some of these kiddos to smile, or DO ANYTHING remotely normal for a photo, much less sit there, and mess with their hair!!! I have one picture turn out where one of my kids were SCREAMING and on the brink of a major meltdown, another child who is obsessed with licking his hand, and rubbing it in his hair (yeah, make THAT hairdo look remotely decent), and another child that drools, and likes to see how far he can drop a line of spit, and then suuuuccckkkkk it back up. Lovely, let me tell you!!! Fortunately, most of my parents understand my dilemma.