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Safe Arrival of Mylees kittens

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Last night at 10 pm I found Mylee with two kittens curled up in my blanket on the wndow sill! So after a bit of coaxing I put them back in the nesting box and about 20 minutes later she had another, now have 3 gorgeous snow babies . No sleep last night until early this morning as Mylee keeps calling to me to check Im there. It was cute at first but has worn thin now lol .Got matchsticks holding eyelids open today as got visitors coming in while, great timing. Im happy all is well so far fingers crossed.
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awe sure to post some photos soon I am so glad that all as gone well and hoping all stays good keep us updated on how everyone is doing and everything
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Congrats on your beautiful babies! Please can we have some pics when you can?
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congrats bengle babe. glad everything went well
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Pics as soon as you and the mommy can
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Congratulations! Another request for pics.
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Congratulations to you and Mylee.

Yet another request for pics please
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Congrats! I'm glad Mylee and the kittens made it though the delivery ok. Can't wait to see pictures of the beautiful babies!
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wow, that must be dead exciting, congrats to all and well done for everything going well.

When you get some time, would love to see some photos
you know how we are about photos here especially new babies

Keep us updated on their progress and a big for Mylee
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Thanks everyone! All is well and Mylee is a super mom . I have taken pics for you all to see, but HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THEM TO GET THEM ON HERE? Any help or volunteers would be appreciated?
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You can sign up to an image hosting site like photobucket

Make sure the pics are not too big (you can resize them in the Microsoft Paint program).

Here is how to do it:

This is a tutorial to show you how to add your pictures using photobucket:
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Congratulations!! Please post your pics once you figure it out!
I love Bengals! But of course, I just love to see little kittens!!
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