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My cat wont shut up!

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Ok,I have 2 cats. My male Lestat who is 6 years old used to be the quiet one and Kokanee who is 3 was always very vocal.
In the past few months,basically since I moved into this apt, Lestat will often sit in the middle of the hallway and meow non stop while Kokanee is sleeping quietly. If he's not in the hallway he's sitting on top of my fridge or in the middle of the kitchen floor.
I'm always checking to see if the food and water is full and litter box is clean and everything is always fine.
When he starts,either the boyfriend or I will get up to see what he's meowing so much and he'll run from where he is into another room,and once we sit back down on the couch he's at it again.
He often meows in the middle of the night and wakes us both up.
Is the something I can do? Or is there a reason why he would be doing this?
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I should also probably mention that Lestat is 3/4 Bengal. Don't know if that makes a difference
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Bengals love to talk! Possibly the move, new home has inspired him to sing during these inappropriate times for you......
Maybe try talking to him, call him in with you, but don't get up...................
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My Rosie is just your ordinary moggie and you should hear her

I talk away to her and she talks back, and if she starts meowing downstairs i just call her name and mention "treats" and she comes running up and it stops!
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See i don't mind if he cries...like right now i should be in bed cuz i work nights and he just wouldn't stop,though it's good advice to try and call him in my room but he only comes in for a minute then leaves and starts all over again. I also thaught it might have been the move but it's been 4 months now..he should be adjusted
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Well Zoey has lived in my apt her whole life and she still does it. She'll sit in the middle of the kitchen floor and just YEOWL for no reason. Not a normal meow but yeowling. I think she wants attention.
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i have a neutered tom who does this , he is about the same age we have had him for 5 1/2 years and he was a stray about 6 months old at the time.
anyway the last yr or 2 he will be asleep on the arm of the chair as normall when all of a sudden he will look up and just start meowing i will talk to him and he will talk back. he does it when playing to which isnt often for him , he will have a toy mouse in his mouth and he will go around the hole house crying with it still in his mouth as if to say look at what i caught lol. then i have a chirper who waites for you to go to bed and she will come running in chirping as if to say wait for me mum im comming lol.
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He's just warming up his vocal cords for his future singing career. He's got to stay in practice you know.

It's probably part breed, partly new home, and mostly just being a cat.
Over the years I've learned to tune it out, it's the " thump thump thump" of something being knocked over or jumped on that wakes me up instantly.
I say meow with him and enjoy it!
Or try working his excess enegry off before you want to go to bed, hopefully he'll nap. It depends on the kitty, if mine are shut in the bedroom with us while we sleep they usually come over and go to bed too.
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You should feel lucky your kitty talks to you! I wish mine would talk more! Days...maybe even a week goes by and I'm lucky if I hear a peep out of her.
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Lil' Jag is our current meower, and can she meow (yes she is altered and in good health.) She's been with us since she was a kitten.

It could be the new move or his breed. Has he had a recent check-up to see if there is a problem? Maybe he is wanting attention or he needs to get some play and bonding/grooming time in with both of you. That might help.
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