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cat not using litter box

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I came home last night and found one of my kitten sitting on the bathroom counter, not wanting to come out. She poop and urinated on the bathroom floor. The litter box was clean so I'm thinking it might be UTI related. I had to give her a shower otherwise she wouldn't even leave the bathroom and held her to sleep last night. Today as I was going to take her to see the vet, she was using the litter box like normal as if nothing happened. She was eating and playing like her normal self also. Maybe I'm a bit sensitive but I'm going to monitor her closely to see if this happens again before taking her to the vet.

In the mean time, I'm going to start feeding them wet food in the morning and dry food at night. I read a posting that chicken soup is good for UTI, so I will get some for them to try. They are currently on Premium edge kitten formula but I planned to switch them to chick soup in May when they turn 1 (wet/dry). Is it okay to put them on a different brand of wet food than dry food?

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Hmm, that could be any number of things.. from another, more aggressive cat in the house that's territorial and is bogarting the litter box, to there's too much space for her and not enough litter boxes.. and she hasn't established perfect litter box habits yet..

Anyway, as far as I know, for a normal cat I've never had an issue using different brands of dry and wet. That is to say, once their system is used to it. I'd just be sure to introduce whatever the new food or change in their diet is very slowly, if possible. There have been times when a slow introduction hasn't been possible, and mine haven't suffered any ill effects, but you might get runny poop from the kitten when you change their diet. Or, you may not. One of mine, I could switch her food every meal and she'd never get an upset tummy or the runny poop, and another one, I could introduce it very slowly over the period of two months, and she'd *always* get it.

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