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Hello, I'm new to the list but not new to owning cats....however...
Last month we took in a lovely stray cat, and found out a week later that she was pregnant. I've had cats all my life, but know nothing about birthing kittens, and we're sure this is her first time too. HEEEELP, WE DON'T KNOW NOTHIN 'BOUT BIRTHIN NO KITTENS! We have gotten good advice from the vet, and she is getting her nutritioN. I suppose I'm just nervous about the actual day, any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
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Welcome to The Cat Site, Summer! I'm afraid I can't offer you any advice... I've never seen/helped a cat give birth. My baby's just four weeks... too young for children! I hope you like it here!

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Welcome Summer, I am new also to thecatsite. It is wonderful. Everyone is so helpful and nice. I can't help you with your upcoming event. I just took in a stray who was having kittens!! She thought our front porch was a good place. NOT. Too many loose cats and dogs in the neighborhood. She is now inside with her three lovely kits. I plan to keep 2 and the mother-now named Prissy-and my elderly neighbor agreed to take the third. Hows that for luck. Good luck with your momma and keep us posted.

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Welcome to the catsite!! If you do a search on the site for kittens, there have been lots of threads on the subject. It they will all give you some great advice.
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Summer: Glad to have you with us! By now I hope everything is going okay with your momma cat and new babies. The most important thing you can do is to see that momma and little ones are secure and warm and that there is clean food and water for mother kitty. Nothig is as wonderful as watching new little ones come into the world. They are a joy and change everyday. If the mother has trouble during birth it is always important to have a vet or clinic you can call for advice, but mostly, no matter how young the mom, instincts will take over, but she is lucky to have you close to look for any signs of trouble. Let me know what happened. I envy you; it has been too long since I had kittens around. One of my favorite saying is "Nothing is as pretty as a newborn kitty!"
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Welcome Summer! Seems like the kittens season is here. I think you're the third or fourh member this month who has a birth/young kittens on her/his hands...

Running a search on kittens and birth is a good idea. Here is a relevant thread from the breeders forum:

If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to post them (I think the health forum would be the best place for those).
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Welcome Summer. Good luck with the kittens.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! It's nice to meet you and your soon-to-be feline family!

Since you've already been pointed in the right direction for advice, I'll not add my miniscule knowledge of the subject. Be sure, if there's any difficulty, to contact a veterinary immediately!

Your situation reminds me of when our dear departed Sesheta first came home with us from the county animal shelter. She'd been home for only a few days when she began searching around with an air of, yes, expectation! I immediately grasped the meaning of this behavior and contacted a veterinary, receiving helpful advice — such as what you've read in previous posts on this thread.

But I remained very worried until the moment of birth, when worry gave way to anxiety. What to do? Well, of course, the main thing "to do" was to stay out of the way! I provided mom and daughter (only one baby) a clean bath towel for the place mom had selected — beneath the couch in the living room. I changed her food to reflect her maternal status, providing fresh water as well.

Yes, there's nothing as cute as a baby kitten! Although Sesheta has left us, her daughter Michaela carries on the queenly role she inherited. Let us know how mom and kids are doing! You'll need a rest, too.

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Welcome Summer!!! Glad you have joined us!! Good luck with the babies!!
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Thank you so much for the warm welcomes and advice! Chloe gets xrays at the end of the week to see how many kits we're to expect, I'll keep the list posted....She seems comfy and content now to just sleep and eat us out of house and home! Thanks again

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Welcome Summer
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Welcome Summer I envy you. It's been a long time since we've had kittens around. They are such a joy but, I have vowed no more cats. Eleven is enough!
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