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Best place to get good cat furniture

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...I'm in search of getting ZhaZha her first piece of furniture...but I can't find anything locally I like so I've been looking online at ordering something.

I've found a few pieces I like here -- www.cozycatfurniture.com
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I'll move this to Care and Grooming for you
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try petedge.com
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I got mine from Ebay last year and so far so good!
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If you can, buy it from a store where you can actually see it. Some of them are very top heavy, and unstable. Make sure when you shake it, it's stable, and feels well built.

If you do buy it online, look for a large base, and make sure any of the poles on it don't look too thin for whatever is being attached to the top of it!
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You can get cat trees super cheap on eBay. Mine is Amarkat brand.

Edit: Definitely go check out eBay. This one:
was being sold twice a day on eBay last year. I got it for $20, and $40 shipping.
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I have used both eBay & Pet Edge with good results. My local Wal-Mart carries a floor-to-ceiling cat tree with 3 platforms for only $35 - the cats LOVE it. They recently added a 4-foot cat "house" - a base with 3 sisal posts with a cubby hole on top, a sisal pole on top of that & a platform. I think it was about $50 - very reasonable considering how much use the cats are getting out of it.
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Seppolina -- I've noticed that WalMart tree, and it looked to me like the platforms would be too small for comfort, since two of our cats are... um... generously sized. But if your kitties like it, maybe I should reconsider! Are any of yours... plump?
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I actually heard of a site from someone here called www.spoilmykitty.com

I got free shipping! and 10% off my order and it was a heck of a lot cheaper to begin with than getting it from a store. I got a tree that goes for $175 at the stores for 60 bucks. Nice I was skeptical at first, but i guess they wholesale or something so they can sell for less.

Also the amarakat site, they make most of the furniture you would see in stores, they have low cost stuff, but i think you pay shipping...which for a heavy tree can cost a bit. My tree was an amarakat tree but i got it from the spoil my kitty site. Easy to assemble too.
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Spoil my kitty is actually a sponsor of TCS. You can click on the link at the bottom of the page.
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