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Vibes for a little cat who may finally have a chance...

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Poor little girl! I'm sure that they will get a large amount of donations to help with her care, but I also know that TCS Board Magic works miracles. We probably won't know the outcome of the story, but can y'all spare some prayers/vibes/good will for this little girl who has had a really tough life?
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i hope they got to her in time.
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poor little dear lots of vibes.
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That poor baby! Sending mega get well vibes her way...hope they catch the who did that to her.
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How horrible!
I hope karma gets the person who treated her that way.
I hope the little one survives to see that not all people are mean.
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OMG! Poor kitty! My Twitch had mouth ulcers & that was horrible, but to have so many other problems on top of mouth ulcers!
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Poor little sweetheart. Vibes for sure -- I hope they are in time.
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Dear Sweet baby girl ,Keep on fighting sweetie,Please find the strength for just a little longer ,you will have such a wonderful life ,with people who truly love and care for you and you will never want or need anything ever again sweet baby,Keep fighting
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The poor fragile little baby (((((((((MEGA HEALTHY VIBES))))))))) heading her way
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for this sweet cat.

Please keep us updated on it if you can.
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She is in my thoughts and prayers.
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That poor little dear.

Sending lots of healing vibes and prayers
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awwww the poor sweet darling. Keep fighting girl
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Lots of good vibes going out to this precious little one!
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Sending many prayers for that precious little girl.
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No updates on the little girl have been put out as of today. I hope that means she's still hangin' on, and getting the help she needs.
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Poor little baby Sending vibes
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Vibes for this little darling coming from me and the gang.
Poor sweetie, she did not deserve this!
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I pray for the precious kitty. What that dear sweet little soal has had to endure is just heartbreaking
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Poor girl didn't make it...her abuse was just too much for her little body to take. Soar over the Bridge, Valentine! Your life was hard, but you knew love and compassion at the end. And you touched many people with your story, I know you touched me.
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I was just about to post how beautiful she really is...and now this. I think she's even more beautiful now.

Be at peace sweet Valentine...

Hilda >^..^<
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Poor sweetheart. RIP.
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Poor innocent baby.
RIP little one.
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RIP sweet baby girl knowing you were loved.
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RIP, little one.
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Oh that poor baby Run fast accross the bridge you poor baby
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R.I.P Little one
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