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Baby #2 on his way!!!

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About 3 weeks ago my best friend had her baby. Well I just got a text message a few hours of my other best friends has gone into labor!

She's having a little boy and I am soooo excited. I actually e-mailed her last night saying I hope she has the baby today since it's valentines day. (There are reasons that is special!) It might be close, but it might be possible too! The text message was from her DH saying that she is in labor and that the baby is about to arrive. Not sure if that means she's like really about to deliver or if she's just started labor. Either way I'm wayyyy tooo excited!

Must calm down and go to sleep!
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Another baby!! YAY!! Keep us updated on this little guy!
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Yay I love babies Let us know!!
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Oh I sure will!

Is there any such thing as a hurry up and get here baby dance? Ya know like a rain dance? I mean by my count he has just under 2hrs to get here! They are in a different time zone from me so that spares him a few minutes! Come on baby!
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Aww!! Whats more precious than a widdle baby??

Come on baby, come on! We want a V day baby, yes we do
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Here's my baby dance!:
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Yes! Excellent baby dancing! He's sure to come out now!
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Congrats to your friend and to you!!! Here's hoping for a Valentine's day baby!
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Awww! Congradulations to your friends! My positive vibes are headed their way for healthy happy babies
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Any news yet???
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Congratulations on all the new additions!!
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Boy, don't drink the water in your area!
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Many blessings on the new babies!

Be sure to let us know, when you can, how they're all doing!

Hilda >^..^<
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Sorry for not updating....I actually didn't get the announcement till yesterday myself! One of our friends called her Thursday morning and she was still at the hospital, but no baby yet.

News finally came in the form of a pix message on my phone just yesterday. He didn't arrive till Thursday afternoon and according to the message was 12lb 16oz and 19". I about passed clear out! I mean I called my mother in a total state of shock! There was no diabetes, and she hand her husband are both super skinny people! I mean I was shocked and thinking GOD BLESS HER!

So I called that other friend who heard directly from our friend and she was like 'WHAT!?! They told you what!?!' So apparently Daddy is in a joking mood because the poor child was really only 5lb 11oz! The 12lb 16oz kinda helped give it away ya know.... Maybe the joke was payback for leaving her a message on myspace telling her to hurry up with birthin that baby already!

So far all the births have taken place out of state or out of the country. Now I'm just waiting on next month for my cousin's wife (also out of state), then the lady at church, then my co-worker's granddaughter and my step-sister in April. Then I get a break till September when a girl I went to college with (also a co-worker's neighbor) and my boss are both due. Whew!
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Aww, thats so great, a new baby! Congratulations to them!
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