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For Smudge

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If there's such a thing with the ones we lose, she's a happy memory.

We were moving and I was determined to catch and spay the last neighborhood stray before we left. I wasn't going to take her with us, but then she came back FELV+. She became our shop cat and lived another four good years, before her health suddenly declined. She died February 14th, 2003.

I'd take her outside with me during the good weather. She was such a pretty girl.

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What a gorgeous girl .......... you are healthy now, sweet baby ...... Rest in Peace.
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In memory of sweet Smudge, whose life got happy the last years.
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rest in peace,
at least you had a home the last 4 years.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, you gave her a good home for a while and she knew she was loved. May Smudge rest in peace and run and play happy and healthy over the Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Smudge. What a pretty girl. She was lucky to have had you the last 4 years and to be able to have a nice loving home for her last years.

Rest in Peace pretty girl.
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Smudge was a gorgeous girl. Bless you for caring for her. RIP sweet baby.
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I am soprry to read about Smudge, she is a sweet treasure You gave her a warm and loving home for those 4 special yrs and hopefully that will warm you heart

RIP Sweet Smudge, enjoy your time over the Bridge, youร‚ยดll certainly meet some great kitties there
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I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you.

Smudge is now healthy and playing over at the Bridge.
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So sorry to hear about this - at least you gave her a happy life in her last years - our thoughts go with you at this time
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So sorry to hear about Smudge, but she is not at Rainbow Bridge. Maybe she is playing with my RB Cleo. Who also had Felv.
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Even though she has been gone for 4 years, you've not forgotten what a wonderful companion she was and she'll be in your heart forever. What a lovely tribute.
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What a pretty girl Smudge is

She's happy and healthy again over at the bridge for sure

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