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Happy Birthday, Sandie!

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Happy Birthday, Sandie! What would we do without you? Have a great day!

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Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, Sandie!! I am sure you are out getting your new tattoo right now!!

Hope you have a great birthday!!
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I second those birthday wishes!
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Hope you had a great time in Florida!
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Hope you have a terrific day! Happy Birthday!
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Alright, Jeanie!! Trying to steal my thunder! I KNOW I started this thread!!! :LOL: (Just teasing you, dear, I see you merged yours with mine!) Great minds think alike, eh?
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Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. Yes, we just got back from FL, and I am just now getting to the computer. I think when you take a vacation, you need another few days to recover!!
Debby, I am going to go get another tattoo around 3 or 4 today..lol. I have a few of my friends coming with me and keeping me company. So far, it's been a very nice morning, and looks like it's going to be a great day.
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I want to see a picture of the new one!
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Happy Birthday Sandie!!!

I hope you keep enjoying your day and have fun with the tattoos!

Many many happy returns!

:rainbow: :afrorainb
:rainbow: :afrorainb
:rainbow: :afrorainb
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Just got back myself but had to pop in here and say happy birthday!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day....let's talk this week and nail down firm plans!
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Hope you had a good day!
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Sorry, my bad! Happy late b-day! I goofed and forgot to post on this yesterday. I"m glad you're here!
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Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a great day - hope it turned out the way!

again...singing slightly off-key: Happy (belated) birthday to you! Happy (belated) birthday TO you! Happy (belated) BIRTHDAY, dear Saaaandie, Happy (belated) birthday to Yooouuuuu!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Sandie!
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Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and an amazing year!
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Happy be-lated birthday Sandie!!!!

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Geesh - I missed all the good parties here this weekend! LOL

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday Sandie!

You have to post pics of the new tat! (And I'll just have to live vicariously through you in getting another. )
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