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Fake fur from China

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This may have already been posted somewhere in this forum, but according to BCC news most fake fur is often cat or dog fur.

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You can tell polyester by touching it... it's stretchy and much more shiny than real fur. Also the backing is obviously not leather.

Best just check before you buy--it's easy to tell.
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i have read and seen some very disturbing footage that i will not post on this site unless someone requests it. and i will send on pm.
but with a very strong warning the sites will never leave you .
and yes apparantly all that i have read on this subject it is true , you have to be very carfull of what you buy from china and another contry which i can not remember who. but even some foot wear coats that have trimmings of fux fur if made in china then you could be wearing cat,dog or another type of animal fur. so please read all labels before buying any product that contains fur as it will say fake and not what it actually is. same as some childrens toys and decrotive items can contain real fur.
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also if you put a flam to fur it will sinch , fake fur will sort of melt if that makes sense, i know buring items is not an option but this is what i have read,
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