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newish cat being very aggressive with other cats, especially little one

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We took in a new 7yr old cat who hadn't been around other cats, her other option was being put down. It's been 2 months, she's so mean to the little girl to the point where the little one flinches constantly now. She's mean to the boys too but I know they can stand up for themselves. I hate saying this but I was doubting of her options I was the better one. She was very mean and attacking me when I first got her and still has her moments with the people members of the house hold. I'm having a hard time considering finding a new home for her cuz I don't know of anyone that would put up with her the first month of constantly attacking. If we didn't intervene I'm sure the little one would get hurt. I think if she were an only cat she would eventually be a great cat, I don't know what to do here. Any suggestions? Thanks
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some cats lash out when they feel threatend and scared. you say she has never been around other cats? being 7 it isnt going to be an easy one to get her to even get along slightly , although some have worked really hard with cats that dont like other cats and its worked out well. how did you introduce her to your other cats . theres a really good topic on this fourm that will help alot , and others who have delt with the same problem will be along to help once they see this thread im sure.
i think it was wonderfull of you to try and save this kitty from a fate very worse of. and just comming here asking for advise shows just how much you care.
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Thank you so much for rescuing this kitty!

There are some things you can try to help calm a multi-cat household.

Flower essences: http://www.petsynergy.com/flower.html or http://www.catfaeries.com/essences_howto.html.

You can also try Feliway - the spray or the plug-ins for rooms (or a combination of both): http://www.catfaeries.com/feliway.html

You could call around to vets or search on line to see if you can find a cat behaviorist in your area.

The only other thing I can think of off hand is that she wasn't confined to her own room long enough. You may want to consider starting over. If you have a guest room that can be "hers," consider putting on a screen door. This will help your existing kitties feel safe in "their" territory again. It will help your rescue feel safe in hers. And they can get used to each other (again) - but in a non-threatening situation for any of them.

For helping feral cats become used to other cats in the home, one of the tricks is to put the kitty in a large crate in the middle of like your living room - with the crate covered with something light at first, leaving one side open and having a box in there so there's a place to hide.

Being able to observe the other kitties, she may learn from watching them interact.

We rescued a kitten born with brain damage (also caused physical damage). She never learned "cat language" before she came home with us. She violated everyone's space, totally ignored their body language, and it was chaos for a while. Two years later, she has completely learned their "language," and participates in the gang like a normal kitty. Of course there's still the usual tiff at times - but that's to be expected in a multi cat home. The difference here is that she couldn't intimidate anyone much, because the problem also left her physically handicapped.

You can also try rubbing the little girl all over with a hand towl. Put treats out for new 7-year old. Rub new 7-year old all over with a hand towl (or rag or whatever), and put treats out for little girl on this. Do this 1 to 2 times a day at regular times. This will help them come to associate each others' smell with good things. It certainly can't hurt and may help. Especially if you start over by having 7 year old in a room by herself. Though if you do decide to do this, just make sure that you and the family spend as much time in there as possible - doing whatever you can find to do in there. Don't want her to feel abandoned and punished.

Just ideas. I hope they may help.

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yeh I know she is very scared and frustrated being that this is a big change and before me was one other foster mom who only had her for 2 weeks so she was about to get put down do to behavior 2 x's
I can tolerate her attitude with me, just the poor other cats.
I introduced them pretty slow (about a month) but it got to the point where she scratched the door so much/ pulling it open that we just let her out. However there has been a couple incidents where she was on the bed with 2 of them only if they didn't get close was she fine but only the past couple weeks she's started going after the little one so much.
I really want it to work, it can just be frustrating sometimes.
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You're so sweet for wanting to make this work.

Try the flower essences - try the Feliway. Give them both a shot.

Also, put catnip toys out once every two weeks. Pick them up after a couple of hours (cats get "immune" to them if left out).

Give lots of extra attention and play time to your little baby girl. (I'm sure you have been).

But try the "smell exchange" trick too.

Sometimes we take vanilla and dab it at the rump and behind the ears of every cat in this house - and we do this for a few days in a row. It seems to "confuse" them and help some of the battles that flair up between our alpha and our want-to-be-alpha. Don't know if it would help here at all.

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well I am trying the vanilla thing today being that I am currently out of a job as far as feliway goes. She really is bonding with me and recently experimented, she's been ok with me in her room for the most part but bitchy outside of it. I let her out by herself without the other cats and she has been very sweet. Also good to know about the catnip toys (didn't know that) and have wondered y sometimes they love it and other times could care less. Also I think I will somewhat try starting over, see how that goes.
thanks everyone for the great advise, i've become a little more hopeful again
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aww i really hope it does work out for you all .
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