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Questions regarding diet, nutrition, and a potential health problem

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Hi all..

To be as short about this as I can.. I have a new Bengal kitten. She was raised on raw. We've been feeding her raw, based on the diet from She seems to be having a constipation issue. I've been trying to increase her Psyllium husk intake, and the vet supplemented her with Laxatone (which we've been using.. but not religiously so we can see how she's doing with the increased psyllium).

Now, I've run into a problem. If I increase her psyllium, which is obviously the next step since what I'm giving her a.) isn't a lot, and b.) seems to be helping a little, but not enough.. she doesn't eat her raw. I have found, though, that she *really* likes it with Salmon oil in it. I tried this tonight.. because I really need her to get more psyllium to see if this solves her constipation issue or if it's something altogether different. experiment was taking a salmon oil capsule, poking a hole in it, and squirting half on Khan's and half on Joyeux's (kitten). I put extra psyllium on it.. figuring that she wouldn't be able to smell or taste it over the salmon oil. She didn't. She dove into it.

The question is... does anyone know if any issues that overloading on Salmon Oil will cause? Too much fat shouldn't be an issue. And I think this will only be a temporary measure.. until I can get her used to the taste. It seems easier to start with more and a cover up and reduce the masking substance than it does to start with a teeny bit of psyllium and hope to gradually increase it, especially since this hasn't been working thus far. If you put just a teeny bit too much in, she walks away from it and won't eat it.

Tempermental Bengals!

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try pumpkin, sweet potato or evan green beans over Psyllium...

What is her diet exactly??? salmon oil is great if too much likely some loose stool issues might occur ,,,,
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I tried her on some natural baby food that was pumpkin... it was basically no sodium, no preservatives.. just pumpkin. That was when she was sicker.. well, that is to say, she wasn't really sick, but she did get to a point where she just wasn't pooping. That's when the vet gave me the Laxatone for her, which we've been using with success.

The problem with giving her anything other than raw is... she just won't eat it. I really don't want to force her to take it if she's willing to eat the psyllium husk in the raw. All of the raw sites I've seen have suggested psyllium husk as the fiber, although I am considering getting some of those "kitty greens" plants from PetSmart. I don't really know if she'll eat them.. Noel of course, loves them, so Joyeux will have to get on board pretty quick, lol.

The raw mixture we've been making is basically chicken breast, chicken thighs, hearts, gizzards, and livers as the organ meats.. supplemented with WildTrax vitamin/mineral supplement, along with the additional eggs, kelp, dulse, occasional salmon oil, and psyllium and laxatone additionally for her. Khan is having no issues with any of it, and does not get the psyllium and laxatone. I didn't break that down into the proper portion sizes, of course, but that's the basic mixture. I'm running a diet pretty close to the one suggested on

Psyllium is what the vet suggested, but the trouble is.. she knows when it's in there.. I guess it changes the taste and the smell of the regular raw, and then she refuses to eat it if I put enough in that she's smelling it. The Salmon Oil masks the taste and smell, apparently, because I can put a lot more into it, without her refusing the food.

When she was first having the more serious issues, we did try to get her to eat wet food, dry food, and various other things. Basically, she just won't have anything to do with it, and I don't want her to go without eating. She, especially at that point, was losing weight and was really light weight (but still incredibly active, and not showing any other signs of issues). The fact that she was so active and alert and ready to romp, drinking her normal lot of water and wasn't at all dehydrated or showing any other signs of illness... makes him think that it's probably simply constipation.

The difficult part is we can't get enough fiber into her to see if it clears up. So we're stuck using the laxatone, which isn't too difficult to do, but I'd like it much better if her diet were normal, and we weren't supplementing her with the Laxatone 24/7.

It seems to me that it's a better bet to get more psyllium into her food, or I'd even be happy to consider another source of fiber, and mask it then it is to try to gradually increase it over time (which we've been attempting now for about a month with no measurable success..) and then just gradually decrease the salmon oil.. if the oil does no real harm. And at this point, I'm not entirely sure that getting a softer stool is necessarily a bad thing, given her situation.

I ended up staying at home today from work, since I managed to slip on the ice right outside my door and it took a lot of convincing *before* I got ready that I was actually going to go to work today...that slip/fall just nipped it, and I'm staying home. So, I'll probably try to call the vet today, and see what he suggests as well. I may end up taking her in again.
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Silly question is your vet holistic???

My vet just told me a drop( love that dose ) of raw unfiltered honey for constipation... Now that does go against yrs of being told no honey but I am going to try it next time and she said hers liked it
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No, he's not. The whole raw diet thing really worries him, but he agrees that they should be getting everything.. so he doesn't argue with us too much. Well, not that we could really do anything about it anyway.. these guys are addicted to raw and they just simply refuse other stuff in a large quantity. Joyeux will eat a bit of kibble here and there..

I'll try adding a bit of honey to it. Maybe that will work for her. I know there's some corn syrup and other stuff in her laxatone. I'll have to go get the raw unfiltered. I know if I have it, it's probably not raw unfiltered..
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I dont really know if honey is good for cats, it is animal derived but....think of the suger. Anyway I trust that you and your vet have everything squired away alot of others here would know much more about raw feeding then do I. It sounds good to me but I would only buy premade raw, pharie, natures varity/ect. Bengals, closer to the Asian Leopard cat require more raw so your doing it right no matter how far or close she is. Cats of all breeds can be finkacy when it comes to food.
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Well, my vet is not a proponent of the raw diet. He sort of makes that face that says... well, I wouldn't do it but I know you're going to do it that way.. so let me try my best to help you with it.. hehe. Bless his heart..great vet and our kitties love him. But that being said, I am pretty sure that he hasn't done a lot of research or I'd say that he probably doesn't have an extensive or expert knowledge in that particular area of vetrinary. Khan is sort of an enigma to most of the vets around here since he's an F3 and does demonstrate a lot of wild traits.

But, he's fine on the raw, we've had no problems with his diet, and he's thriving on it. We prepare our own, in the hopes that we're subjecting the four footers to less risk of bacteria growth or potential for contamination. It's always a worry that bacteria is going to form, and the research we did on the FDA website said that freezing, no matter for how long, does not kill bacteria (as we had been told it does by the breeder, and as other research has said). Anyway, the issue I'm worried about is I need to get the kitten more fiber to see if this clears up her constipation. She is either constipated, and needs more fiber of some nature, or something to solve the problem.. or we need to rule out that it's constipation and move on to other potential problems, and try to fix it. I haven't been able to rule out the constipation (or hopefully fix it instead) because I haven't been able to get her enough of any type of fiber. Even with the salmon oil masking it..I'm a.) still not sure how much I should be trying to put in, and b.) don't know if she's getting enough, c.) still having some issues getting her to eat as much as she should be eating.

I'm worried that it's not simply constipation, and it worries me that if I can't rule it out soon, by knowing that I'm getting her enough fiber and that it's not fixing it.. that whatever the problem is.. it may get worse or do permanent damage before we rule constipation out. I guess I should put in another call to my vet and ask him what he thinks about that. I just worry about them!
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When in doubt call the vet... but with feeding a raw diet I would strongly encourage you to find a vet who has some knowledge in raw foods...
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I'd consider that, but the biggest issue around here is cost. I've also got them all on health plans, which is only available at my current vet. But, I've come to find that around here, things tend to be four times as expensive as my home town..vets included. We've actually just picked up two prepared raw diets that were recommended by (at least through the link to the vet sites), so we'll see how they like that. These ones have veggies in it, no grains, but also a little honey and all the other stuff that catnutrition says they're supposed to have. Now, if they don't stick their little finicky noses up in the air at it, we may buy premade.
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Mine for unknown reasons love beef .... beef and buffalo are the menu this week
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Mine like beef, on the third Thursday of every week... sometimes the first full moon of the month.. but always on the second one.. and sometimes on Tuesday. IOW, yeah, sometimes we give it to them and they can't get enough.. and the next time, they look at us like "what *were* you thinking, peasant?" and then disdainfully look at their dish, sniff, and walk away.

I haven't tried buffalo, this is the first time for rabbit, which.. currently they're turning their noses up at, venison, turkey, salmon.. mostly what they consistently eat is.. chicken. Chicken. We like Chicken. Heeelllllllooooo, mom! That doesn't look like CHICKEN.... hehe.

Where do you get buffalo at?
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I get it from the butcher it is usda human grd from local farmer... elk and venison were no goes ( good since dog is allergic) ... chicken is good only if grd with organs ( chn breast is a NO NO ) ... Rabbit is good when not given often ... pheaseant and guenia hen go over great
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