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***UPDATE*** to taking in a cold cat....

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well, there was a reason that cat wanted in so bad, SUPRISE!!!! she's pregnant.

I decided to bring her, in had her checked out, and yup, preggers. About 5 weeks says the vet. YAY,lol. SO i get the fun of a litter again. I talked to a friend of mine, and when the lil guys are old enough, she will foster them all till they can get adpoted,mom included, so thats a load off my mind,lol. She jsut dosent want to go though the birth and tiny kitten stage, which i dont mind really.
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That's great. At least she'll be taken care of and spayed so she will never contribute to the population again.
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It stinks that she's preggo, but she is one lucky kitty to have a warm place to stay, food, & water!! to you for taking her in!
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Awl Liza smart kitty! Vet say about how many he thinks?
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vet could feel about 2-3, shes not a big cat, so thats fine with me,lol. depends on what she has, but i might **think** of keeping one. Yup, im a sap,lol.
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You know you'll want to keep one.
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Good luck with the mom to be, and keep us posted on the big event.

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Please feel free to join us in the Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care Forum if you find you have questions about what is to come for you and your girl. The people who frequent the Forum are great, very knowledgable and helpful. Most all of us have gone through pregnancy and raising babies with our cats and are happy to help.
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