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Katz & Guitars...

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My kittie, Loves my guitar. For some strange reason she likes rubbing up against it, Sniffing it, And she sleeps next to it every nite, and its in a different spot everynite. I think she found a new friend in my Ibanez ICX-120.. Love at first site eh? -Scott
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My cats like to lay in my b/f's guitar case, when it's open. Or on top of it when it isn't. That's a cute picture, maybe she's guarding it for you.
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My Leo, now gone to the bridge, used to love my husband's guitars. He would sit between them in the stands, and rub his face all over them, sleep between them, even rested his paws on the bottom when my husband would sit on the couch and play. He only seemed to like the G&L electrics, even though the were not always plugged in. Didn't care much for the acoustic. Fred will take any opportunity to sneak into a case for a nap. Pearl's "safe place" is behind one that sits in a stand in front of a low table. Does anybody have any idea why they like them so much?
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What a cute picture!!! Maybe she is dreaming of being in a band!!
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I wonder if I hid it, If she would be sad. Its weird, she is almost 15, and she was an alley cat until she was 6 months old. and she still begs to go outside. We do occasionally. She crys when she cant(Meows kinda soft, and looks at you sad). So Im wondering if she would cry if it was "gone" one day... I hope not. Well L8r-scott
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