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Well, I just got home pt 2

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Well, you all will be pleased. The day did not start out as planned. I went to the animal care and control after getting my paycheck cashed and wanted to adopt at least one of the cats, but when I got there, there was no animals to adopt. I remembered that they mentioned some were going to a local pet store for more exposure, so I decided to try there. What did I find???????? I found one of the kittens that I wanted to adopt, and her sister as well. I was estatic. I decided quickly that I would keep the sister's together, and eagerly filled out the paperwork, in like 10 mins., and had them home in about 30 minutes.

And ever since they got out of the boxes in my place, they have been scoping out the place, and chasing each other around. Hopefully by getting the sisters, I save the cat fights. Both are fixed, which is good, that is something I do not have to worry about. Their names, I loved this, are Sugar & Spice. Pics will be posted ASAP. Both are predominately white, with brown and black tiger spots. Sugar has a brown spot on her back that Spice does not. They are both cailico tigers. I hope they enjoy the life they will have with me in the future. I am so happy.
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Oh goodness they sound gorgeous!! I love their names as well

Hurry with the pictures
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You're so lucky to have kittens at home!
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Awww, they sound adorable! Congratulations!
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That's wonderful that you finally got kitties!!!
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Oh I'm so happy for you!! Now don't make us wait too long on those pics! We're an impatient bunch!!
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Congratulations Looking forward to seeing pictures, love their names.
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Bless you for saving those 2 babies!!

Can not wait to see their photos.
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Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of!

I bet they are darling. I can just see these little cali girls trotting around their new home together.
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Congratulations on your new adoptions, they really sound so adorable and I love the names you chose for them. I eagerly await pics, I hope they will stay healthy and happy all their lives.
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Well Good for you and Sugar & Spice Can't wait to see pictures
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Awwwww, how exciting I can't wait to see pics!!
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will try tomorrow to get pics for you all. From what I have seen from them, Spice is more outgoing than sugar is. Once they got here, all they did was chase each other around, or run out the door. that was funny, I would have one run out, chatch her, nad bring her back and the other would run out. I think the building manager was thinking it was the same cat, lol. They look so similar. Right now the only way I am tellign them apart is by their collars, lol. There is only one spot that distinguishes them apart, and that is it.
But they are so cute, and so far happy.
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I love their names! I can't wait to see pictures! Congrats on being able to get the two furballs together!
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They're really lucky cats to have found such a great home... and together too

Can't wait for the pictures! Congratulations!
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ok all, have a pic posted in the fur pics, of spice and sugar.
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Yay! on my way to look!
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Congratulations on your new additions, I love their names too. I am so glad that you were able to get both of them.

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Congrats I seen their photos already and o my what cuties they are and I just love their names too its always great to get 2 at a time isnt it? Well we did most of the time here
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they are truly little bundles of joy, nad have given me many laughs already. Was so cute last night when they came into the bed and slept, curled up together against me. Wish I had a camera avaiable for that.
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So glad it's working out so well..........
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I'm so happy that you got the girls!
You will have so much fun with them!
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Good Job for bringing home a pair! Looking forward to seeing those beautiful girls!
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i saw their pix, & they're just adorable! congratulations! btw - you'll probably still see some squabbles, but they'll be minor & fleeting, most likely.
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i am sure I will, but right now they love to chase each other, kinda like playing tag, lol.
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