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Milli.. am I having a bad day???

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My hubby and I take turns in kitty patrol with Milli.
Yesterday, was my turn, and Milli was the perfect little angel.
Today hubby had his turn, when I got home from my appointments. He (hubby) was in a horrid mood. (valentines day too... ).
I calmed both him and Milli down, and he said Milli wouldn't eat, have milk or anything.
I wonder if she missed me???
Her first feed with me went well.. and away she went purring like there is no tomorrow.
Now I wonder how often are kitties suposed to eat???

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How old is Milli? That will make a big difference on how many feeds she should have?

And also what food are you giving her?
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We think that Milli is about three weeks, she is a rescue.. (all in my other posts).

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I just saw your other thread and Millie is too precious. I agree that she's only a few weeks old and she looks really skinny. When Frankie was that small we fed her about every 3 hours (just like a skin baby) and typically we'd let her go until she stopped or fell asleep. As young as she is it's going to take alot of patience, love and nuturing... but as your learning.. it'll all be worth it. She should be on 'folmula' until she's several month old then you can start w/ wet or soggy dry food as she'll take it. For now though, formula about every 3-4 hours should be fine. Also remember that your vet is there for you too. If your worried about anything or have a question that can't be answered her or isn't answered quicly enough for you call your vet.
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Ok, you should be feeding her replacement kitten formula and it should be every four hours or so at this stage.

You will know when she is full as her tummy will be very fat.

Are you stimulating her to do poo and wee? You need to get a wet cloth/tissue (warm water) and gentle stimulate her genital area - This will make her go to the toilet.

If she is not eating there is a possibility that she is constipated, and hence why she doesn't want to eat anymore

Let us know how you are going! I have been in this exact situation with my Portia
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Milli eats every four hours now, until midnight. And (so presiously put) unlike a skin child, she sleeps until 6am. But then I hear all about it, she gobbles and won't stop until that tum is really full.
We also help Milli to empty her bladder and I promise there is nothing wrong with her tummy working. She is all functional.. lol
Thank you for the much need advice, wow, no one told me to be a kitty mom was gunna be so much work and pleasure at the same time..

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Sounds like you are doing a great job!

Excellent that she is pooping properly! You never knew you could get so excited about a kitten going to the toilet

Sometimes kitties will be grumpy during a feed and won't eat as well as they should - Just give them a little burp and then continue with the feeding.

Its such a wonderful satisfaction when a small kitty relies on you to be their Momma, and you just get sooo much love out of it!

Make sure to keep us updated with lots of pics!
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I posted this in your other thread, but just though it should be included here: http://www.kitten-rescue.com

This will walk you through everything you need to know!

BTW - at our vet, they use baby carriers to put the kitty in (the sling kind where baby is held in front). Then kitty is snuggled up and warm all day, and right there for feeding. And since (right now) you control when she goes to the bathroom, that's not a problem.

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Sounds like your doing everything right to me. Yes, having a kitten that young is alot of work but it's all worth it and that little kitten knows what your doing for it too. Count yourself lucky that she sleep through the night. I had to get up with Frankie for midnight feedings... and 4am feedings. That said, she's been with me through everything. She's my best friend and is always there when I need her.
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