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New Game

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Okay I thought up this game and here's how it goes. Its a trivia game about geography and what you do is you ask a question about one area or compare two areas to see what they have in common and the first one to get the answer asks the next question.

Okay I will start the first question is what does Kentucky and Pennsylvania have in common that none of the other states do.
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that's a tough one....
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horse racing??
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It's a commonwealth state?
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They're the only states that share borders with BOTH Ohio and West Virginia.
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They both are involved with wildlife reintroduction programs?
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I may be Canadian, but I believe the answer is that they are Commonwealth states.
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Originally Posted by SalemWitchChild View Post
horse racing??
Let's go to The Meadows for some racing. I'll put my $ on any Spur Racing horse that's on the track. (The only team to win back-to-back Little Brown Jugs!)
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We need an answer to continue!
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No fair, I failed geography!
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I am from Ky and I don't even know it
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Answer please??????
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Daniel Boone?
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Originally Posted by Fred&Nermal View Post
It's a commonwealth state?

Sorry got sidetracked with a phone call. And then dinner. But that was the answer.
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What state has the southernmost tip of the USA?
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