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It had to happen.....IKEA Thread!!!!!!

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I confess....I love IKEA!!!!

I had to start this thread because others had mentioned it before and more are curious.......IKEA is THE MOST FUNNEST place to shop for furniture, candles, cutlery, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom stuff. They have pictures to hang on walls. It's Swedish....but they know what they're doing! And if you live in a tiny place, they have stuff for small places to LARGE places.....it's functional and funky and dare I say it....I will....fashionable......and unique....though ir everyone goes to shop at IKEA it won't be so unique....but hey it's all good.

And for shoppers who get hungry or get people who get bored in IKEA, take em to the restaurant or cafe for some Swedish foods....meatballs are good....but I LOVE the smoked slamon salad. The biggest IKEA is in Sweden and it's designed for you to spend the ENTIRE DAY in there....I have to go there before I die. And if you have kids, they sell toys and bedroom stuff for kids and there's even a play centre for kiddies....complete with ball-pit which I'm pretty sure Russell would enjoy.

Anyhow's I'll include this link for you all. Hopefully IKEA is near you....if not....there's mail order....well they have it in Australia... http://www.ikea.com

Man....I LOVE IKEA!!!!!
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There is an Ikea just north of Baltimore MD on Route 95, and also one in Pittsburgh PA. I love their stuff, too. My bedroom set is from Ikea. Their catalog is a great read-I could spend hours planning all of the rooms for my dream home.
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What do you mean by "It's Swedish, but they know what they're doing..."? I'm part Swedish, and good-naturedly outraged - I'm sure you didn't mean anything by it.

I love Ikea too - most of my house is furnished in Ikea. And the restaurant *is* good. We've been known to go to the store just to eat! What I like is that there is stuff for every budget. You can spend $500 or $5000 on the same room, and everything is good quality, even the "cheap" stuff, plus it's all flat packed so you can carry tons of stuff in your car, and then spend several hours assembling everything when you get home. Some of the kits even contain a toolkit so you don't even need to own a screwdriver!

I love Ikea!!!
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Mags! Thanks for the link! I have never heard of it before, so I am going to go check it out!
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I promise JulieB that I meant nothing by it! I promise....

Debby, IKEA is the land of fun-filled funky things!

okeefecl....yeah I got the catalogue......and I spend hours through it....creating a wishlist for now and a wishlist for that dreamhouse.
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I hate Ikea - everytime I go there, intending to spend a couple of pounds on, say, some energy saving light bulbs I end up buying half the shop
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I dont mean to be boring but I have other perspective to IKEA.Did you know that they have subcountractors in Asia who has under 10 years old children working in factories? Saw a documentary about that. Thats how their products are guite cheap.
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We don't have one around here in West Virginia. But katmintti, Nike is the same way. I haven't bought anything Nike in 5 years because of the working conditions and the children working in the factories.
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They have the best book shelves. I have 2 of the really big ones and now I need another - I never thought I would run out room!
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Oddly enough, my friends and I just took a trip to Ikea this weekend, and I have to agree, the place is just awesome, and great prices! I couldn't believe it. I recommend them to anyone.
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IKEA is AWESOME!!! I totally love that store!!! Hubby and I went there to get stuff when we lived in our apt a few years ago and we spent a few hundred dollars. And just recently, I got a set of kitchen chairs from there and they matched our table exactly. Each chair was only $29 and they are great!! I could spend all day in there if I had the money to buy everything I wanted. :laughing:
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Well, I'd like to say that I'm banned from IKEA. I am told that it is for my own good as I don't really need a funky new bed, chest of drawers, lamp, glasses, shelves, bookcases, rug, soft toy...

So please, please, please anyone who is planning a trip there, come and get me on your way. We can be there and back in under 24 hours and no-one would ever know! [SIZE=0.5]Please?[/size]
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