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I need help please

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Hi everyone!

I need someone's help who knows a bit about cat labour! My cat has gone into labour and has just had one kitten and it was dead but not deformed but really small....so we arent sure if she has gone prem or if it has just died before she had it......now im pretty sure that there is still more kittens in her but its like she has stopped giving birth....so does anyone know how long it usually takes in between giving birth to each kitten?

Thanks it will really be apprieciated!
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I don't know much about kitty labour.
I've only read and heard that they supposed to be okay by themselves.

But since the first one is dead and you're certain that there are more inside her, I definitely reccomend you to take her to a vet immediately.
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She seems to be alright she is lying there purring and you can see the others moving around inside her.....But its just really weird that its like the birth has just stopped its been about an hour or two since she had the first one
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Well I'll ferret around on the web for any information...
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With one still born you need to take your cat to the vet. Please! A cat will purr when they are in pain as well as when they are content so purring is not a good thing to measure a cat's contentment by. It could be your cat is to young to have kittens and so she needs to be seen. I will put this in cat health for you so you can get others with knowledge to chime in should they still be awake. Good luck!
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Oh and also dont they eat the kitten if it has died? She is just lying with it and keeps on cleaning it and moving it around
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Thanks hissy....she is about 3 years old now and this is her second litter im going to ring the vets now and see if i can get her into somewhere
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Ok I found one....
It tells you the stages of labour....what to do if u need to help ur kitty.....and most importantly when to call a vet.

also included kitten care in there....

I hope it helps.

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You need to remove the dead kitten if you can without distressing mom. Wrap it in newspaper and place it in a plastic bag and put it away from the mom cat. I am sorry the birth is not going in a routine way. If this is going to be even more difficult for her, you might want to get her spayed after the kittens are old enough to be weaned. Good luck.
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Hey thanx guys for all your help but she still hasnt had anymore so i spoke to a vet and they said give her till the morning its 8pm here and if she still hasnt had anymore then i have to take her to the vet
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NiC how is it going?
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Hello everyone.......Just thought i would let you know she went back into labour at about 9.30pm last night and gave birth to 3 little healthy beautiful kittys!!! Hehehe they are gorgeous! Thank you so much for you help everyone it was much apprieciated

They all look alike you cant tell them apart yet except for one...its just pure black and the other 2 are black and grey striped just like their mum!
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Been thinking about them since I read your post.
Great to hear about the kitties.
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