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Cats inside things

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Spooky isn't one to get in to weird places, but she did crawl in to my suitcase one time when I was packing

What weird places to you find your cat sometimes?
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Stumpy loves getting into any cupboards - including the medicine cabinet!

It looks like she's searching for something in particular though!!

Now where did they put the band-aids this time??

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LOL how cute!!!

Saki was so small he could fit in a coke box

Or a drawer

And Zoey crawled in my desk drawer one time lol.

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Here's my big boy Beandip, inside the tiny carrier that I bought for the babies LOL. I still haven't actually witnessed him getting in it and turning around...I don't know how he does it. And it's pink too...not very 'manly' is it?

Pixel in the drawer...I think I posted this in the tongue thread but it's worth repeating.

Paisley had one too many beers and fell in the trashcan.

Momma inside a roll of packing foam, with her spooky saucer pupils.

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LMAO Hey doesnt Pixel know smoking is bad??

And Paisley in the trash can...
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My babies like to climb in the clothes dryer.

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Heres Lilly-in my daughters toy box

Freddie was he was widdle

chloes kitten

another one of chloes kittys

in my daughters stroller

in a box

Gus(RIP) in my dryer
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Harley in his bed... the laundry basket

Davidson in a box

Harley when he was tiny!

Getting into things he shouldn't!

Davidson hiding from Harley in the couch..

And in a bowl

And in the litterbox container

My boys are always in things they probably shouldn't be
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Such cute pictures.

Here is Lil' Jag when she was younger.

At about 6-7 months (after her 'surgery'.)

a couple months later with her adopted dad Luvbug.

Just recently

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Great great photos!

Mia in a can barely see her eyes but its one of my fav pics...

And inside the dryer on a cold day while her meowmie was doing between loads!

Hilda >^..^<
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Cats are made specially for getting into things!!!

Bless him my RB Paddy baby - was completely obsessed with shopping bags - every trip to the supermarket ended in a tussle with all the bags - I think this one may have beaten him though!!!

Melchett sleeping off the sun in the grass box!

An itty bitty Ben baby on arrival home in the carrier - baby Paddy investigating the newcomer

And, last but not least................where's Max then? Can anyone see Max?!?! He's here somewhere!!!

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