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Help: Julius is attacking other ferals

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The new litter of kitties turned up this evening. Well - three turned up. I have to check my diary - I think they'd be about a month old or a little over.

Gary was feeding them when Julius (the big ginger kitty from the first litter of ferals that started it all in June...) viciously attacked one of the new kittens. Claws in the back, swung the kitty up against our propane container. The kitty got loose and bolted. Gary "guarded" the food so the other two could eat.

Julius, Tuxedo and Spooky had all been fed a few hours ago, and Gary went out later to give them kitty milk as a treat. He wasn't hungry.

Julius has recently been attacking Booger too, but she's big and takes care of herself though it's just another reason we really need to find her a permanent home . He did nick her ear the other day, and Gary's been treating her with alcohol pads. It's just depressing.

Also, Julius has not been taking care of himself. Julius and Spooky let us pet and groom them now. Spooky keeps herself clean, and so far, flea and tick free. We have to clean (kitty wipes) and brush Julius every day, and Gary has to de-tick him - he gets new ones almost every day.

What do you do about aggressive behaviour in your ferals?

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If this is new aggression, Julius could just not be feeling well and may need a vet check. If it is something that has happened over and over, and you have had him to the vet and he is neutered- then he is just following with the feral colony rule and probably would be what is called the head cat of the colony. I have one little black and white female who when she shows up to eat, all she has to do is growl and the others scatter till she is finished eating.

Julius sees these new arrivals as threats to his position and to your attention. You can try dropping some rescue remedy on the back of his tongue- about 3 drops twice a day and see if that helps, but be warned with ferals, sometimes rescue remedy simply doesn't work. The only other thing would be to keep him isolated temporarily when the new kitties show up, either stick him in a carrier, or the back room if you have one.
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Thanks Hissy. We had him neutered several weeks ago - he's in fine health and had his shots. He has been showing aggression to Booger for some time, but she's so big she doesn't care and generally just ignores him.

Julius does appear to be the alpha. We'll try feeding him separately first, and then putting the food out in the feral feeder. Maybe that will help.

We simply got scared because the new litter of kitties is so little, and Julius wasn't just growling or arching his back, he simply attacked with claws out.

The little grey and white one he swiped was back this morning and had no apparent wounds.

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