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Why does my cat bite me?

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We lost another cat recently and gained a stray but we still have my year and a half old female cat who we've had since being a baby. She's always slept under my quilt with me. She's a very clingy and loving cat. But now often if she's under my quilt and I'm stroking her she'll nibble on my fingers (which is fine) but every now and again she'll chomp down hard on my arm. She's purring when she does this and makes no other attempts to attack or fight while she's doing this. What's up with her?

p,s she does bite my nose every now and again which is a little annoying but cute. lol
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I think its a way of communication. Mog, my cat, will hiss and scratch if you stroke her for too long. A vet once told me it was her way of saying enough. Maybe she thinks you are a cat snack!!!
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It sounds like she may be getting overstimulated. I have a cat with similar temperament that does the same thing. She just gets so excited and happy when she gets her pets and cuddles that she gives me a little nip. I can usually tell when she is going to do it now, but it took a little while to figure it out. Your kitty sounds very sweet.
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Prehaps you're right about her being overstimulated. She just seems so damn happy to be under my quilt and purring away! I just worried maybe I was doing something wrong or hurting her with her biting but she makes no attempts to move.

This is her and the new kitty. Red (the biter) is on the left and Andi (the licker haha) is on the right

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I have a couple of cats who will sometimes snuggle close even though they don't want to be petted at that moment. They'll nuzzle in and purr away, but if you touch them, they say "hey, not now!!". LOL ...maybe someday we'll understand these guys.

Red and Andi are very cute. Does Red have a little mustache?
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A little hitler mushtache so I've been told lol
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one of my cats really hates when I talk on the phone. She starts biting me. They are not really painful bites but she is trying "to wire a message" to silly me who doesn't get that the phone annoys her
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My cats will nibble on my fingers (like teats!) when they want food, and if I don't give it to them, may bite my arm. Have you tried feeding her just before bed?
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my dads cat is a biter. but its only when she is over stimulated, and her puples are really big! but my dad will say NO! and she stops and lickes him.
none of my cats ever bit
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one of mine, Chip, will nibble on my jaw while he's on my lap. nibbling is ok - but sometimes it's a little too hard! so i'm trying to stop this habit. he's getting better - i squawk when he hurts me
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