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My cats

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Hi Im new, here are my cats!
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Great pics!! I love the captions!
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They are so cute
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Very nice...such pretty babies!

Welcome to TCS to all of you!

Hilda >^..^<
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What a couple of beautiful kitties!

Thanks for sharing their pictures.
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Hi Welcome to tcs!!!

You have some cute kitties there! They will make nice additions to our harem of beautious furballs!
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Hi Welcome Your babies are adorable
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Welcome to TCS! Your babies are just stunning! Thank you for sharing their beautiful pictures.
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what gorgeous kitties u have also welcome to TCS
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What a bunch of cuites I love the tuxies I have 3, and black cats I love them to
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those are really great photos, but of course the 'models' seem very happy to pose and why not they are such peaches

ps - great captions !!!
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What adorable babies you have, welcome you all to TCS!
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Oh their gorgeous! Love their names
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