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What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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I've a coworker and I use the term lightly that doesn't want to work or take his work seriously enough to want to do it right. First off, he is a temporary work and I'm a regular fulltime employee. All he cares about if goofing off on the net and when he does work, he just does half way and I always have to double check it & correct it. I've told him to be more careful & look at what he is doing, but he just shruggs it off.

I don't want to be the employee that complains all the time (He's the 8th temp) I've had. Everyone else either did not show up for work or didn't like the job (data entry) I happen to love my job and want to do well on my projects (data entry & other projects that I'm doing for my boss). Bad thing, is his work effects mine, since we work on some projects together, but I always have to double check his work. I can't trust that he does it right.

My husband says I should tell my boss (but again, I don't want to complain... he is the longest running temp at 2 weeks so far. Others left after 1 day.) So I do give him credit for showing up. But I'm tired of this kid and his lack of work ethic/skills. Another bad thing is, with this job, you have to be an adult(like any workplace) because it's independent work, my boss trusts me & doesn't check up on me. But with this kid.... arrg

Sorry for rambling on...
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I'd complain to the boss and let them know it's not your job to supervise his work. And that you will no longer do it. Once they actually see that he isn't do the job right they should take action to correct it.
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Yep, I would talk to the boss too, it might not do no good, but at least the boss will see how you feel.
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I would think so. I'm sure they would just get another temp. So far no luck with the temps. The bad thing is we have to share a small, small office and it drives me crazy at times to hear him banging his desk, playing with his pens, because he's bored. He just not suited for office work, I think. But like I said he shows up for work and he is quiet, another good thing. But you are right on getting them to check his work.
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I would tell your boss for sure. thats what the boss is there for. You are not this kids baby sitter. he shouldnt get paid for not working.
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I also agree with telling your boss. It is not your fault that the temps aren't willing to work to the standard that is required of them. I'm sure your boss wants someone who will do quality work and it doesn't sound like this person is doing achieving that standard.
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talk to your boss ....

who is the one "hiring " the temps...??? I did temp work and often times the job wasnt what I was told it was
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What if you were to check his work then say "fix it - I don't care what your excuse is - just fix it." and then make him fix his own mistake. If he were to refuse to do his job... then would you feel so bad about complaining about him? Then it would be more of a blatant disregard for the company as well as yourself.
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I agree that you should talk to your boss. After all, if you don't say something your boss can only assume that everything is going fine from your perspective.

You've already done a good thing by first talking directly to your coworker. If he's unable/unwilling to understand what you're saying you shouldn't be expected to deal with his problems any longer. After all, you're not getting paid your boss' salary, are you? Then you shouldn't be expected to do his job
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Please inform your boss of this situation. If you let it go without bringing it to your boss's attention- it's just going to drive you crazy and you're going to be miserable worrying over your work not being done right because of him.
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Sorry to drag this thread back from the dead of 8 pages back, but I talked to the HR director about my coworker on Friday and told what he is and isn't doing at work. And she said that I as the regular employee and lead could anytime tell him that he isn't needed and to go home. So she & I agreed it was best to let him go for good. So I thought it was all settled.

So I cleaned off his pc of his myspace, yahoo, etc and cleaned out his desk.... eekk. He had an old frozen dinner in there... it reeked! OMG. And then the director forwarded an email from the temp agency says that he really wants to stay and he'll do a better job. What??? My husband says it could go either way that he is coming back to work or it's up to me and my boss and the HR director.

What do you think?
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I just might be tempted to say that you are too busy to see if he'll do better and that if he didn't take the job seriously the first time, well sorry for him but no deal. The 'contract' of it says, you do your work you get X, you don't do your work, you get dismissed. Maybe it's time for a dose of reality. I know quite a few people that would love a job in Data Entry right now and would appreicate it!
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