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Not just ordinary snow......

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This is about an inch of sleet on top of a sheet of ice on our street! Sorry the pic is so bad, but it's night. It looks like sleet on the camera lens, but it's not. I took the pic from under my porch, that's how big the pellets are! Of course, we have nothing on NY right now.

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Aww, so pretty, I snow!
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For you Kenz

I will take a few more tomorrow once the wind calms down
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Those are so pretty Eithne, I'm coming to steal your snow, AND your chocolate cake ....and your cats
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The power now is starting to flicker. We have a total of about 3 inches of SLEET and ICE and more coming. The kicker will be tomorrow they are expecting high winds, which will cause power outages with the ice coated trees and lines. Temp tomorrow will top out at 21 degrees. Here's an updated pic. Turned out better than the first b/c this time I didn't use flash.

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Stay safe and warm.

We've been hit pretty good with freezing rain and sleet. We were supposed to get more snow but it ended up hitting harder north of us. I could hear limbs breaking off of trees and crashing down all evening long. Sounds like someone fired a shot when the limbs broke. I scraped a good two inches of ice off of the car when I moved it away from the trees tonight.
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I hope this time it stays away from Europe! It is pretty but I don't envy you trying to get around. And if the power goes off that is terrible. Stay safe and warm.
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great photos

We´ve got a foggy day today in Spain - very strange - how about you Jenny, whats France like ?

Stay safe folks and keep cosied up nice and warm !!
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