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having some problems.

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right about 6-7 weeks ago i took in a cat. one of the mums around my childrens school was asking mums and myself if we could take on a cat as her cat does not like him and was constantly attacking him leaving bloody scratchs and everything . so i agreed .

she told me he was 4 months old had been fleed and wormed had 1 vacantion was not neutered but didnt spray. being only 4 months i wouldnt have thought he would anyway.
she also said that he had to previse homes before her.
the first one he lived at when he was born untill about 3 months old . then got homed to a lady who had 2 dogs. apperntly her dogs didnt like the cat and kept attacking him so in the end asked my friends son to dispose of the cat by what ever means nessecery. well he brought him home to his mum but her cat hated him.

anyway i went round to her place to pick up this kitten, when i saw him i said no way was he 4 months old , he looked fully grown and covered in old and new scratchs , she had only had him 3 days.

the following day i took him to the vets where they found he was covered in flees so more then likely had wroms , so he was treated for everything.
he said he was about 18 months to 2 years old. so somewhere along the line someone was lieing. he had started to spray i found out when i first brought him home. they took him in had him neutered and tested for fiv and felv , a week later they came back negitive.

anyway he hates other cats . he dosnt hiss growl or anything , he just goes straight up to them and attacks with full power. the amount of fur that goes flying around and scratchs is unbelivebal.

sorry this was after i had him in a room without the other cats , then transefered into a large dog crate. done everything on this site that i read about introductions.

he is very loveing towards adults , and ok with children. i have 9 other cats here at the moment 7 of which are my own , 1 stray who comes and goes , but more so staying in now. and 1 pregnant cat who i took in on sunday. who is confind to another room.

the stray gets on great with my cats , except some of mine havnt warmed to him yet , but its only been about 2 weeks.his about 3 yrs old had him neutered and cleaned up ect..
but this cat all my cats hate him they see him and will growl and try to attack him through the crate ( he is allowed time out in the house when supervised and for cuddles and play) his not constantly locked up. but for the best part of the day and all night he is. even through the bars if 1 of the cats sleeps next to the crate he will put his paw through and swipe at them , so i can see why mine dont like him.

the rescues i have spoken to have gotten me to try all sorts of thing s with him. but not having any luck yet , i know 7 weeks isnt very long atall . but him being locked up like this just isnt fair on him , he will end up hating humans aswell at this rate. considering what his been through im superised he dosnt already.
the rescues have also said because of kitten season comming in and him proberly being better of as an only cat any rescue will have a hadr time finding him a home. and it could be that they will have to pts which i will not have as there is aboslouty nothing health wise wrong with him.
i have advitised everywhere i can think of , after reading another thread im gonna try old peoples homes and see if i get any luck there.

but im hoping i get some good suggestions here? i know of people wanting cats , but they already have a cat so that would be no good. i have tried feliaway plug ins and sprays but nothing has worked. the other problem is my cats will use what ever cat tray they are not atall fussy as long as there clean . but theo will not use a cat tray that another cat has used or smells or another cat so he will do the loundrey carpets and so fourth . but when in a room of his own he will use the cat box with no problems.

im just at a loss here , i honestly dont know what to try , i have rescues keeping me in mind if they get someone looking for a cat who dosnt have or want more then 1 cat. or without dogs , but its not looking hopefull.

i dont know what im asking here as i have had loads of advice , but i have always looked to this site for help and answers that i have not been able to find else where as you lot are a great bunch and been through it all.
thanx for reading this longgggg post . and hope i didnt bore you to much.
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I don't think you mentioned this, but do you think he might be happier if he were an indoor/outdoor cat? I don't know how close you live to a road or other dangers, but if you have strays that are coming and going, do you think he would be happier with them? Just a thought.

My goodness you are doing such a wonderfal job with your babies.
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the rescue did ask me to try him out doors to see how things went , but he froze and shock so i brought him in . if the door opens he runs.
if someone is at the door and i have him in my arms , he will scratch to get away to go in the house.
so that is not an option.
but thank you are asking .
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Is there a room he can have for his own--an office or spare bedroom?
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If you haven't got anymore room to give him his own room,You could try putting
cardboard round the dogcrate or an old sheet,to make him feel a bit more secure.
He sounds like he needs some space of his own and he isn't feeling safe in his crate.
Also you could try swapping his bed for your other cats beds on a regular basis,
that way they will get used to each others scent.
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I have worked in some long term care facilities where they have taken in a "house pet", that will roam all over the facility. Many of the residents in this type of facility enjoy seeing pets and animals, and it is uesed constantly as pet therapy for Long term care residences. Maybe that is a viable option. And they may only want one pet, so that would work for this little one. Bless you for doing what you can to help him. May your efforts get rewarded. Why not try calling the retirement and nursing homes, nad talking to the administrator??? And see what kind of deal you could make with them if they are willing to receive him. Maybe offer vaccinations, food, toys, etc. to the home to help get them started. Just an idea. Pet therapy is a newer concept, that has been around for a number of yrs. It has enormous benefits not only to the animals, but to the residents. Mnay residents look forward to activities when pets are involved. Just my 2 cents worth. HOpe it helps.
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he did have a room of his own for a few weeks , then my rescue said about the dog crate? should i change back , the only room i have spare is the bathroom at the moment. but its a large one.
i did try the beds thing and blankets but if i changed them with the others , he would wee on them or the others wouldnt go near his one they will hiss at it , same if you touch theo then one of my cats they wont go near you. its just so strange as iv had some problems introducing cats but never to the degree of hate like this time . they really seem to hate each other , yet they welcomed in a stray like they knew him all there life.
i have had a cupple of phone calls about him , but none that i would home to. they just wasnt the *right* ones.
like 1 lady said , oh that is my cat who i rehomed 2 yrs ago , i will come and pick him up now. i was like ermm no i dont think so you rehomed him the first time why would i give him back to you ?
then i had one saying oh im to far away , turns out to be only 9 miles away , i was willing to go there to do the home check but they was not willing to *travel* to see him in the home. some people eh ?
and also i had a lady from the rescue round y/day about an injuerd cat , she fell in love with him , but has a few cats of her own. but she is going to put the word about. so fingers crossed.
i have asked 2 elderly homes so far , but they wasnt interested . but im gonna keep trying.
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The bathroom sounds like a great place to keep him till you can find him a home
It is a lot better than the crate,just be sure to remove anything that could be a hazzard
for him and make sure the toilet seat is always down and take the chain off the plugs

If your going te be fostering on a regular basis you could make a screen door for the
room that you'll be keeping them in?
I made this one for my box room and it has been a great help,Especially introducing
unsociable cats to each other.
Excuse the kitten That was Thomas,One of my fosters

It cost 3 quid for the wood,6 peices 2,7 metres long by 2" x 1" but you will only need 3 for each door and the mesh was a roll enough to do 2 screen doors,that cost 15 quid,
the bolts 'n' brackets were 4 quid and the perspex for the sneeze barrier at the bottom was 20 quid,all from B&Q,It's simple to make and well worth the effort

If your re-homing him yourself Tasha and you probly already know this,but there are
some people who have been approaching rescues in the Uk on the pretense of wanting
to re-home cats,they just want them for their fur.I've had one in my E-mail but you can tell because they are more concerned with the type of coat and how many you have the same
If you want to know anymore about this just pm me.

Good luck finding him a home
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i have only just checked on this post again and i didnt relise i had another message left sorry. and no i didnt know about people in the uk looking for there fur????????????? this is horrible! but i will be on more look out now. i still have no luck with finding him a home , but for now he seems happy in the bathroom as long as he gets his cuddles , but it certinally can not stay this way as he so needs a loving home where he can explore and feel safe. its been over 3 months now and still no change. he seems a bit better with my own cats now but i havnt left them unsupervised since the last fight over a month ago. but they will not take to him atall now. since then the mum cat has had her 2 kittens who are now 3 weeks old. we found a 6 week old kitten and the other cats have taken fine , its just him they do not like him . and im getting very attached to him its gonna be so hard to let him go once i find the right home for him. i nearly found a home y/day for him a lady phoned me asking about him , but i later got a phone call saying she decieded to go for a ginger kitten that she saw in the paper . so again he gets pushed aside.
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