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Leash harness/veiws and opinions

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Hi Panther Pride here I have a young engrgetic 8-9 month old kitten named Bindi who is being harness trained. We also have an older cat named Tom 14 years. I was wondering if having outdoor excursions at a nearby park would be okay as long as its suppervised closely. I want him to find more enrichment outdoors so he doesnt eat my houseplants,nock things over,pester Tom with his kittenish playing. I think these adventures would be a good thing for him as long as he and Tom both receive flea treatments all summer. I'm worried though about the life expectacy of an indoor/outdoor cat. My dad says having a cat outdoors takes years off their life. I think he means if you just let them come and go as they please/which I wont do. Any opinions on the matter?http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif
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well Kandie has been indoor outdoor her whole life ... in four states and various environments ... she is 18.5 yr old so I dont think her life was at all shortened... she was harness trained as a baby by ME but no longer needs it as I have cat proofed the back yard
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Good thats a realf. I knew in my head that that's only true when there allowed to run wild.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/rolleyes.gif. I'm excited about having Bindi go on adventures in Hidden Falls( park by my house) its going to be fun. He can hunt bugs and lie in the sand/ sun/ walk along a river explore a forest roam and roam and get lots of excerce. I will flea treat both cats and suppervise him closely. I'll make a direy tread on the cat lounge forms called, Panthers path.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/agree.gif
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Originally Posted by Panther pride View Post
I'm worried though about the life expectacy of an indoor/outdoor cat. My dad says having a cat outdoors takes years off their life. I think he means if you just let them come and go as they please/which I wont do.
Indoor/Outdoor pretty much means that the cat is allowed outside unsupervised, not on a leash/harness as you are planning to do. That is why the life expectancy is so much shorter for indoor/outdoor (car accidents, predators, diseases from other animals, etc.) So I wouldn't worry about that. Leash/harness training is very responsible of you.
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Unsupervised outside time will shorten the lifespan - far too many dangers. I would not take a cat to the park. You'll have far more problems in an open area where there are dogs, kids, etc. running around - your cat would panic. If he got away from you he'd either be up in a tree or out in the road or a dog will have gotten ahold of him.

Why not plant some cat grass (oats, catnip, etc.) in an area in your yard where he can eat that. Much safer to have him on a harness in your own yard then to take him to the park like you would a dog.
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The harness I had (it's lost now, must get new ones) for my cats was a rabbit harness. It has the regular harness straps, but also has netting for a little extra support and safety. It was suggested by an owner of a pet store I use that (because my one cat is a bit skittish).

Other than that, I would think taking your cat out would be okay as long as you keep an eye on them (of course). I haven't taken mine out much... The skittish one could use it, but I think I'll wait until she's fixed... One, in case she gets loose (heaven forbid!) and two, she'll be a bit calmer then.

That's all coming from an ameteur. ^__^'
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I have 2 cats, Belle is an indoor cat, I only let her out on a harness when we are outside. Mia is an indoor outdoor cat. I really like the harness, and Belle dosen't mind it either. its funny though, whenever belle isout on the harness, Mia stays with her, I think she is waiting for me to let her off the harness, but its not going to happen.
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Good, I'm glad that you guys like what I'm doing. Some people think I'm nuts for training a cat to walk on a lesh.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif. As for the dog/kids/tree dangers I will have another person watching me the whole time and will bring a cat carrier with. I will look around and pick places to let Bindi roam around on lesh /harness. I will take tuna with me and call him to come while rewarding treats and also gives treats to him if he stops doing something I think is a no no like climbing a tree or trying to attack a bee. He will be watched very cloesly. Inside his cat carrier I will place catnip and a towel. Things will be great.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...ilies/wink.gif
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we haven't been able to take the guys out on leashes/harnesses for several years. but when we could they sure liked it. where we live now allows big dogs, and hardly anybody picks up after their dogs. so you can't even walk on the grass most of the time.
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Thats nasty dog poo is gross I hate stepping in it. I think dog mainmence needs to improve but in my opinion the lesh laws have gotten way to exterme dogs need to be dogs so they dont get behavior issues and too fat.

I cannot wait for summer.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/agree.gif Then I can go outside and walk Bindi.
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