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She got her stitches out today

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Macy went to have her stitches out today and she had to be muzzled to do it. She tried to bite my vet and his tech and this is a dog that never so much as growles at anyone but when he started to take the stitches out she turned and tried to bite the tech and they muzzled her. And he said she was a bit red and give her a shot of antibiotics and they had to pin her down to do that. And this dog runs from Tavia. She can't get a bath or be pulled on for a few more days but other than that she's in good shape. I simply can't believe her biting though she has never done that before. The tech said she probably thought they was going to hurt her and that it pulls when they take the stitches out.
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They are like people, sometimes they are just not in the mood, Severino went to the groomer today and he growled at her, he LOVES her too. He has NEVER growled in the 4 years we have had him, so you just never know. I'm glad Macy's stitches are out now and she's at home and comfortable.
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They could have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, just like a human. It can be that they felt threatened, but hopefully things work out for the better in thel long run. Sending healing vibes.
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Trout hissed at me when she was spayed when I went to pick her up from the vet I guess thats when her hissing began *sigh*
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Well, the last time she saw them, her tummy wasn't feeling too great - not to mention, but I seem to vaguely remember that stitches can feel kind weird coming out, and if she has a little infection, that probably didn't help. My Corgi never growled at the vet before he had to have his prostate checked , and after that, he growled if they got anywhere near that end!(Not that I blamed him...but he did get the muzzle... ).

And cute little, fuzzy little white Butterbean had to be muzzled at the vet(for 5 years) up until the last couple of years after her trip to the emergency vet (with an out of her head high fever) and she discovered that vets let go when you bloody them while you're screaming like something from the dark pit (she woke up a dog whom they were waiting on to comeout of anesthisia!) I was mortified!

Fortunately, I have found that dogs are more forgiving than cats!
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Well I am a bit worried about her today, the vet told me I could let her go outside without her leash well apparently her suture area was still slightly open and it bled a bit after going outside. I actually couldn't stop her I went to open the door for Lilly and she pushed the screen door open and bolted. So we checked the area and it looks okay but she seems sore again so we gave her one of her pain meds and we think she will be okay since she started trying to play again. Which has been the worst part of this whole thing keeping her from playing too much.
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