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cont... I would feed her and talk to her. She showed up with a kitten in toe after a long absence. The kitten wanted nothing to do with me at all. Every night I would sit out there while they ate and tried to talk to her and get near her. Finally, she began to trust me and allow me to touch her. I named her Sarah. We had a really rainy summer. It rained every day for a month. Sarah showed up one day soaked to the bone,muddy,and weak. I took her in and nursed her. Two weeks later her mother Molly shows up very, very pregnate. I took her in too. I couldn't let her have another litter on the street. She had five kittens.Two of the kittens she had are still in my life. My bosses both took kittens.(that's a story I'll tell later) I found good homes for everybody except Sarah. She won't come to anyone else but me and my boyfriend. I can't take her to a shelter. No one would adopt her because she is so skittish and hisses and spits at everyone. I love her and she is better off with me anyway. There's my story. I hope to hear from some of you I'd love to hear about your babies.
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Welcome to the site....oh and there's currently an essay contest where you can write a rescue story of a kitty.....or kitties I guess...I'll try and add the URL for more details for you in here for you.....


Just in case you're interested. ^_^ I look forward to reading your future posts especially the one about your bosses.

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What a awsome story.....

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Welcome to the site Nenners. You are an angel to rescue all those kitties.

Just to let you know, you can post more than once to a thread (i.e. continue your story, post more than one picture). At the end of the thread when you read it, just hit the "Post Reply" button and you're all set!
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