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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz View Post
no babies yet Yes it is possable to show that early with a litter over 3-4 kittens am sure. yet I could be wrong.
Yikes... Don't say that!!
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I sorry I do not want to upset ya you asked and to me it is I saw with Skittles at little over 1 week. And a black stray at 1 week she had 6 Skittles had 13 I sowry..
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That's ok. I'm prepared. As long as she comes out of the delivery safe and sound and the babies are healthy, we'll worry about everything else later.
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That is a good way to keep cheerful. Sit and wonder boy/girls what colors
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She was following me around all morning and she has never done that before.
She ended up in every room I was in...Poor girl must be exhausted as I was back and forth all morning. She gave up and went to sleep somewhere.
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aww she is tired LOL. let her sleep.
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Here is my weak attempt at a signature...I haven't added Honey yet nor did I add their names dang! Oh well, this will have to do for
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I love it. I think it is perfect it was made with love
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aww it looks great , please tell me what programme you used?
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I still can not figure out how to do that and I am a puter wiz lol
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lol i did do one , but i was on a trill period on the programme lol
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LOL...Well I don't have anything like photoshop or anything so I just downloaded a free collage program. It's pretty Terri friendly and I'm able to do simple sigs this way. I'm sure there are ways to spruce it up a bit, but I haven't looked into it. It's a simple (and free) program. It's only a 30 day trial though!
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