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Would bladder stones do this??

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Our Kirby started freaking out yesterday. She's a stressed out cat and is on valium, but for the past 2 months she's been on it, she hasn't peed on the floor or acted out at all. She's really improved. Then yesterday evening I heard her make a sound I've never heard in the 3 years she's been with us (she was a stray starving kitty). It was this awful howling-growl moan, accompanied by hissing and rolling on the floor. I thought maybe she was overreacting to being cornered or something, but no other cats were very close to her. She peed on the floor and took off running and hid. That was very strange, but I thought it was behavioral. She was fine after that (it was time for her night time valium, so I gave it to her.) The whole episode lasted about 1 1/2 - 2 minutes. This morning the same thing happened, but it was much, much worse. She was making that sound even louder and angrier, but a second earlier she was asleep next to me on the floor, and all of the other cats were sleeping no where near her. She started growling and howling, took off running, jumped in the litter box (still howling), immediately jumped back out and started cowering under a shelving unit. when I reached for her she hissed at me (she usually loves to be held) and ran under the desk, still howling. Finally I got close enough to grab her - by this time other kitties had starting to gather around, wondering what was up, and I didn't want her to feel trapped. She was shaking like a leaf and her belly was really rock hard. I took her to the safe room, where she continued to hiss at me. She seemed to be in pain. I came out of the room to call the vet, they told me to rush her in, and when I returned to get her, she seemed ok. This time the whole scene lasted closer to five minutes. The vet first thought it was neurological or emotional, but I know Kirby well enough to know that wasn't the case. She was hurting and didn't want to be touched. They did an abdominal xray, which also showed part of her heart, and everything looked fine except perhaps some crystals in her bladder - no stones, but perhaps she passed it? They are keeping her overnight for another xray, some blood and urine tests, and the works. Does anyone think passing a stone could cause a reaction like this, or any other ideas? No food changes in the past month, she eats Evo (a little wet plus the dry). We've had pee issues in the past, hence the valium, and she's done really well since then.
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Passing large crystals can indeed cause a cat to act like this.

I would, regardless, ask your vet if he can't put her on something safer for her anxiety.
Valium is a pretty addictive narcotic, and muscle relaxer, and I know of at least two cats that suffered incontinence as a result of prolonged use.
The use of valium for anxiety is pretty outdated, most vets prefer prozac or similiar drugs these days.
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Here's a link about valium and it's use in cats- don't know if it will help or not . It does say to check the liver. I hope she's feeling better soon .

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Thanks! She had a complete blood workup, and everything looked fine - liver panel, enzymes, thyroid, WBC/CBC. She hadn't urinated for them by the time they closed today, and they couldn't draw any urine because her colon was full and in the way. We'll have to check the UA tomorrow. So far the only thing we know is that the first xray showed some crystals/small stones. Hopefully that's all it was. I don't want her to be in any discomfort if I can do something for her.
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