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Sweet Grey & Blk n' white kitty rescue updates

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Okay all - Sweet Grey kitty was *sighted* ontop of the drain cover
I believe she's hiding in during the daylight.

Too scared to linger at 6 pm but did get the food my neighbor left out for her... we hope. (wet's her fave).

Now we have a storm bearing down, I am worried the drains will flood when the ice melts. For now she's safe, but I HAVE to
get her out of there.

I have a carrier with food in front of the drain and the parking space
blocked off. I don't know with the storm if someone will try and park
there. I hope NOT! Pray with me they will see carrier and be smart about it...

Want to get a trap near there and put food in it tonight. She gets active
at that time. Checked food in drains, not eaten from last night.

Left my coat with scent on it, and some dirt from old place by the food
in the drain stem line I think she's hiding at the end of. I can only reach one end, the one that enters the main line... Hopeful she can travel to it. Please god! And she'll smell my coat, and the dirt from her old feral site, to help her feel at home.

Meantime, asking for LOTS of prayers to keep her safe and close to me. She KNOWS where I live, and I saw her on my deck, but she's not been back. Please pray she comes back to my deck. I have shelter in my yard for her!!

Meantime, the blk n white cat is a TOTAL love cat. Filthy to the point I hate touching her, but desiring only to cuddle and purr in my lap. She has HUGE paws!! She's sooo sweet. Vet still considering taking her, and she will be getting a snip n clip of course so no babies. Hope she isnt preggers right now... *sigh* Needs cleaning up too... ignored my cats on her one escape to the upper levels (she in isolation the finished basement area)...

Anyone want to help me with ideas for finding her a good home? I don't know where to start with a non feral cat, who is obviously so much a house kitty. no crying to get out, no scratching, no meowing, but completely STARVED for food. Eats all I give her in gulps and wants more. Poor thing. That's why I think maybe preggers... or food deprived for a while. Feeding kitten chow and wet...

My ferals at Carradoc were taken care of yesterday eve - I made sure to leave lots of extra dry food in covered areas, I put out blankets in the one shelter they have out there (not the one they seem to use, but you never know who may find shelter there)... and I also put out a garbage can on its side for shelter from rain/snow/ice ... Done all I can do.

So all fingers crossed that I can catch sweet grey. She's got kitty snip apt. ready to go for when I catch!!

And of course suggestions for trapping in this weather are welcomed. I am not experienced and am doing the best I can, but I bet there's tricks to this.

Hopefully we won't have to work tomorrow so I can concentrate on the catching/feeding of her....
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How's it going today?
Any luck with little gray kittie?

Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well catching her,and sending
lots of good luck
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