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Happy News!

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Finally I have some happy news to share.

Recap: I rescued a 7 year old male kitty by the name of MacGillicuddy from the rescue I volunteer at. I got him to give to my grandmother for companionship. Cuddy wasn't good with other kitties, but loved 24/7 attention from people.

Well I just got an update from my dad and after less then 2 weeks McGillicuddy (now known as Buddy) has settled in perfectly!! According to my dad grandma is showing a lot more animation and life, she's laughing and telling stories about Buddy the whole time they are on the phone. Buddy follows grandma everywhere, demands she flush the toilet every morning so he can get a fresh drink, happily sits on every lap of every person that comes to visit!!! The only hiccup is that Buddy can't sleep with grandma on her bed because he snores too loudly and keeps her awake!!!

if you can't tell...i'm ECSTATIC!!!!! It's been a rough couple of months and this was good news I really needed.

Here's a pic of the big lovebug who appears to have found the purrfect home!

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That is so wonderful!! Hopefully he has another wonderful 10-15 years with your grandma!!!
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That is a wonderful story. Two lonely souls meeting and keeping each other company. I think pets are good for people. It gives them a reason to get up in the morning.
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Awww, that's so sweet that they now have each other!
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What a great story! I'm so glad he found such a wonderful home and how nice for your grandma to have him for a companion.

Yay for happy endings!

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Thats awesome news!! I just love happy endings!!
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That was very nice news. I am glad to hear it.
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Oh what a wonderful thing you did for both of them... I hope they have a Wonderful life together What a Great granddaughter you must be
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