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What I did on my day off..............

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Well, today was a day off work unlike any other I have had before - I scrubbed the house from top to bottom, phoned the esate agent, and following his valuation of it...........I have put the house up for sale!!!!

I am still a little shocked - we have been talking about it for ages - love the house and everything, but it is costing us a fortune and the mortgage is such a huge debt. If we sell for what it is valued at, we stand to make £30,000, which will pay off all our debts, and leave us a nice few pennies as well.

We want to move closer to where the kids are at school - currently we're 12 miles away, which is outside of the school bus zone, so after dropping them at school and picking them up after work, it has turned my working day into over 12 hours - it's too much and I am shattered (as well as the fuel cost!!). Also, we are that far away from their friends , which isn't good for them either.

I have seen a house in the right place for rent of less per month than we were paying for the mortgate (buying in that area is out of the question at the moment as prices are ridiculous!!) and it is a lovely big 3 bed house, almost across the road from school! It will proabably take a few weeks for the house to sell, so I am sure we will miss out on renting this one, but there are plenty more for the same prices, and most are very flexible about kitties being in the house!

I am a little scared about going back to renting - we rented for the first 6 years we were together - I wish we lived in the States where renting is really commonplace - over here there is a bit of a stigma about it - we have a cultural obsession with owning property, but I really feel this is the way to go and will get rid of our bills and get us where we want to be

Gosh, it is such a HUGE step - fingers crossed for a nice buyer who wants to pay the full price!
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{{{{{House Sale Vibes}}}}} on their way.

Lots of folks bury statues of Saint Joseph in the front yard as it is supposed to be lucky when selling. Have you done that, yet? (It couldn't hurt... )
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Lots of good luck vibes headed your way that your house sells quickly!
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I hope your house sells quickly!! Congratulations on going for what you really value--trying to move closer to your children's friends, shorter days for you, and some other things.
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