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Good morning TCS

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How's everyone doing? I have to take Macy to get her stitches out today it was supposed to be for tomorrow but dad told me to reschedule it for today because they are expecting some really nasty weather tomorrow. It's raining here now and its supposed to freeze over. I am enjoying relaxing during my vacation. Although I am thinking about making meatloaf tomorrow and that's a big cooking ordeal because gotta have lots of veggies to go with it. Anyone want to come over for meatloaf tomorrow. I am in such a lovely mood I think its all this rest and relaxation I am getting. Which I think I was way overdue for. I am seriously thinking about what I can do with my life once I get some things straightened out I think I am going to change professions for a bit this vacation has made me see how much stress I was truly under. And its just not good for me. I also got to catch up on my favorite soaps and rachel ray she is so awesome. I have to go in a bit now that I have wrote a little novel but I hope everyone else is in such good spirits. Love and Hugs Gail
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Morning Gail Well actually..afternoon for me, I just ate lunch
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and morning back to you, its 18.55 ish here, just putting together a chicken curry for our dinner DH is sneaking about.............ummm something to do with tomorrow me thinks !
Hope your days continues to be a chillin one
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