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Prayers for Mugzy

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The last time this behavior happened was when my brother moved and it happened after he moved not before.

This time it's happening before I am moving which is in another month. The only change around the house is that I have been home for almost two weeks due to surgery.

But it's scaring us so we're taking her to the vet today. She is 13 years old so she is getting close to her doggie years. Lastly she has started to pant very light to heavy. And she even starts shaking with this panting. And she has even started pacing around the house, going room to room, and back to the living room. Her behavior isn't usual so we're worried.

My dad thinks its her old age and she does have lumps in her breast area. Which the vet says is possible that it is cancer but she is so old that surgery could kill her. She doesn't show any pain from the tumors and acts like a normal senior citizen dog, expect for the newest behavior.

My father thinks that she could be just ready for doggie heaven. I personally think that she's having anxiety problems probably due to old age.

But we're gonna wait to see what the vet says. So please say some prayers for Mugzy.

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Oh my ! heres sending lots of positive thoughts & ((((( vibes ))))) for sweet Mugzy
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Aww poor Mugzy! I hope she's okay!
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Tons of Vibes and Prayers coming your way!! What a sweet face!
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I'll keep Mugzy in my thoughts and prayers.
She's such a cute girl!
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Thank you for the prayers she goes in today at 4pm. I am sitting her and writing a list of all her sypmthoms(sp) Right now she's sitting next to my bf. She seems to have trouble breathing out. And she's still panting so it's been almost 4 hours since 11 am this morning that she's been panting. If it was hot outside I would understand but its not and she's got plenty of water and food.

I really hope this is something a med can fix and not something really bad.
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All the test for Mugzy came back normal. The vet could only guess that its her old age and that she's having pain from her old age. Or that she could be having anxiety. The top worse thing that could be going on is that her breast cancer has spread to other parts of her body. Which I hope that isn't true but it most likely is true.

The vet gave up some pain meds and so far she's doing better. So we'll see how it improves. If not she'll be going back for a few more test and x-rays.

So, we'll see how things continue to go.
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I'm glad the pain meds are helping her.
I'll keep her in my prayers.
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I will keep Mugzy and you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
She's such a beautiful girl! please keep us updated.
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Poor Mugzy. Sounds like old age has caught up to her. Glad to hear the pain meds are helping her.
Dogs can get senile just like humans. My friends had an old husky (15) and he exhibited signs of senility in his later years. He seemed confused and anxious most of the time.
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Yeah the last time this happen was when my brother moved out. So, last time I knew it was due to anxiety and changes, especially since she's use to my brother and I being here, we've had her since she was pup.

But this time it was different and things weren't adding up. Sadly I do think it's due to the cancer. But their hoping that the pain pills will help and if it doesn't more x-rays.

When she is put down, if that ever happens, it's gonna be hard. If she goes while sleeping one night, it's gonna be hard but at least I know she lived her life to the fullest.

We thought she was developing cataracts but the vet said that she isn't but her eyes look the way they do because of old age.

I just hate the thought of one day my little doggie is gonne be bye bye.
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Hugs & kisses to Mugzy!!
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