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Very tragic (and baffling) accident

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I've just been trying to catch up on some news about a local accident that occured Sunday in my home town.
Was on my parents street about a 1/4 mile from their house. A 38 year old couple driving home at about 1am after a night out. Well, they were doing almost 60MPH on a 40MPH road and crashed their car into a pine tree "past" their house. This is where it is baffling and police are working very hard to figure out what happened. They were trying to go home and cops said speed was definitely a factor. Why would you speed up to pull into your driveway? Normally you slow down. There were no icy conditions or weather conditions that officers could see, the couple had not been drinking according to the preliminary results and even if the driver had fallen asleep or something wouldn't that slow the car down? and what are the chances that they were both asleep? There were also no evidence of skid marks (they never touched the brakes, but there was evidence that they tried to compensate and miss the tree).
That said though - I don't want to demean this at all by asking these questions. The couple very sadly died instantly -right across the street from their home where their 3 small children were. The kids are ages 3yrs, 6yrs, and 8yrs and are now left without a mom and dad . My thoughts and prayers go out to this family, especially those 3 kids. It's a horrific situation and very very sad.
I guess our town just has a mix of emotions right now. Terrible sadness for this family and a great deal of confusion as to how this accident could have POSSIBLY occurred.
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That is so terribly sad maybe the driver had some sort of medical condition like a heart attack or stroke that caused them to press on the gas?
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That is very sad Those poor kids.

Do they think maybe it could of been some type of murder??

i saw something like this on TV awhile back, where a couple died like right down the road from their home, and it ended up that it was murder.

Anyway, thats very tragic and I feel very bad for the kids.
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Right now they really have no clue at all. I think that's what's got the attention of this quiet town - not only the tragedy, but the mystery.
I suppose a medical condition could very well have been a reason, although he was only 38. If it was, I"m sure they'll be able to detect that.
As for foul play - I suppose anything's possible, but from what folks have said, this couple was very very well liked. Very involved in their kids schooling and schooling events, very outgoing, etc. Probably had very very few enemies.
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I saw this in the news. It says that they were coming home from a dance.

My first assumption is that they were probably driving impaired, and may have hit a patch of black ice, which would cause them to potentially speed up, missing their driveway and smashing into the tree.

Or, what if they were in the middle of an arguement and the husband who was driving decided to drive straight into the tree?

Stranger things have happened, and there is no telling what someone will do when they are in a rage.

It is probably best left to accident reconstruction to determine the cause of the accident, but if there were psychological factors, more likely than not, you'll just never find out.

It is sad, though, and I definitely feel for the 3 kids.
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Sadly, it does sound like a murder/suicide. Maybe they were arguing on the way home and it was a spur of the moment action.

Prayers for the children.
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My prayers are with the families, especially the children.
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Originally Posted by lisasha3 View Post
...if the driver had fallen asleep or something wouldn't that slow the car down?...
Not if you fall asleep with your foot on the gas, then you would speed up. It sounds like the wife tried to grab the wheel and steer. What a very sad story. I sure hope they had a will, and that the children will stay together and be taken care of by loving people.
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Thats so sad, I hope they can find a reason of the accident, my prayers are with those children
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We have no way of knowing right now until the law figures it out in that town..My first assumption is that there wasn't foulplay involved. There are a number of factors that would warrant a normal car accident. There are a number of reasons why they could have lost control.

To me, speculating that it was foulplay or murder/suicide is jumping WAY into the macabre part of the mind. I wouldn't assume that at all.

My prayers go out to the kids though, how awful for them
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for the children. This is so sad.

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