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The cat with a new puppy?

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Ashley is a very sweet, very trusting cat that is maybe 8 years old. She is just a little spam ball until another cat seems to come around. I attempted a few years ago to bring her a kitten and I swore that this cat was the devil's spawn within a matter of seconds!! Needless to say, the kitten didn't work!

My fiance' lost his dog a few weeks ago and I thought maybe around Christmas I would get him a puppy, but I am not sure how Ashley would react to a puppy.

Do cats react the same way to dogs/puppies? How do you think I could go about testing her out? I would hate to get the puppy only to have her go postal on me...that certainly would not be fair to the puppy.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Boy that is a tough one-
i would think you would first check out the breed of the dog you plan to get- certain dog breeds are known to like to eat kitties if they can.... and others will always want to chase them, so i imagine that you will need to train the pup very early on, and supervise the two of them closely.

it seems to me that most cats tolerate dogs ok- they can usually fend them off with their claws and a few well places hisses- but you can't count on this, so they would need to be watched to be sure the pup doesn't attack the cat.

i have seen dogs and cats sleeping together (the dog in every case was a black lab- the lovable slobbery ones) but i don't think they are ever best buddies. so i wouldn't expect the dog to be any company for the cat.

you know it can take a good full month for cats to get used to each other and get along- just because they may seem like mortal enemies at first doesn't mean they won't play together if you give them a few weeks and plenty of space to work things out among themselves. My cat hated the kitten i brought home at first, but after a few weeks they were playing together all the time. it just took a little time.

some cats may never get along, but just cuz your cat didn't like one kitty doesn't mean she might not get along with a different one.
maybe get one closer to you cat's age- kittens can be a bit of a nuisance just cuz they are young and full of pep and nonsense.

well, maybe call the animal shelter in your area if you are sure it is a dog you want- and ask them if they know how you can tell. when they advertise pets for adoption they usually say if the animal will get along with other pets, etc. Very very few cats are advertised that can only go to one cat homes. But a lot of dogs can't be in the same house as a cat.

good luck!
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