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Counting Calories. Oh my lord!

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I've been wanting to lose weight for a while but just last week started to do something about it. My wife lost alot of weight just by counting calories and montering her progress on so I figured I'd give it a shot. I knew that I was eating out way too much, eating bigger portions than I probably should, have Ben & Jerry's way too much etc.. and I knew that wasn't good.

So I joined up on the website and since Friday or so started watching what I was eating more. I thought it would be hard and I'd be craving all the stuff I usually ate at the same portion size but it actually only took me a day to alter my way of thinking. I've been pretty good with sticking within my daily range. The other day we went out to dinner and that blew my calorie range by about 300, which I guess is still better than what I used to do. My fat range I still have to try and work on too although it's not as severe as it was.

The biggest thing for me is how many calories my favorite foods have. The most depressing one is chinese food My calorie range is 1550 max. Just 2 cups of pork fried rice and I think 3oz of chinese ribs is about 1400 calories. NOOOOOO! I mean that doesn't mean I can't have it once in a while, but I'm just amazed at how many calories it has. Jen says that's why she stopped eating it on a regular basis
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Thats good for you that you are trying to change your eating habits!

I was watching my calorie intake for a while, and I actually found it quite difficult and depressing. I suffer from anxiety and ive realized food is my outlet (though im not too out of shape yet)

Right now though, my calorie counting has gone out the window! Im just trying to eat whatever I can, whenever my body lets me!
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I sympathise - I've got about 30 pounds to lose, havng lost 8 already. I went away for the weekend and put 4 back on, even though I was as careful as I could be, staying with friends and family - it is very hard. But having done it before, I can only say it is worth it, so good luck.
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Good Luck! We have a TCSers group on Spark. I love that site! A few of us on there are doing Weight Watchers and seeing great results!
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I just pretend Chinese food is good for me..I mean, its better than eating burgers and pizza right?

Good luck with your weight loss! Are you going to be exercising too??
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There's a group of TCSers on Sparkpeople!!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I just pretend Chinese food is good for me..I mean, its better than eating burgers and pizza right?

Good luck with your weight loss! Are you going to be exercising too??
Actually I think the chinese is worse *lol*

I'll probably join up at my wifes gym in the next week or two. Usually though I'm not much for excercise
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The depressing statistics of chicken wings are the worst for me...I could happily eat 10 or 12 EASILY....alas!

I just save em for a day when Calories are the furthest from my mind...
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I never ever bother counting calories, I look at saturated fat instead and eat smaller portions.
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Chinese food is suprisingly bad for you. It's fried! Ribs are a killer too, especially country style ribs. I feel your hurt. I had a couple bbq country style ribs and they had over 50 grams of fat!! Since you seem to be on the same calorie restriction I am on with Spark People you probably also have a 60 gram of fat limit. It's amazing how fattening things are. Starbucks mocha??? Yicks, you don't want to know. I now get my coffee drinks with lowfat milk and save nearly 20 grams of fat.
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I try to loose once in a while. I have found that the low carb thing really works. It's amazing how hard it is to cut them out. I find myself craving for them. But when you start taking off one or two pounds a day the method holds your interest.
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I am also trying to lose weight. I've lost 16.5 lbs so far and a lot more to go. I'm just trying to give up one bad thing for me at a time and treating my eating problem like an addiction and it's really been helping.

I've gone 166 days with out Tim Hortons (all you Canadians should know what that is) which at the end of the month, it will be 6 months total. 94 days with out McDonalds,70 with out A&W,54 days without BK & DQ and 29 days without KFC and chineese food.

I'm adding pizza places and potato chips to the list next.
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I've been doing Weight Watchers and have lost 9 pounds!!! Darn - I was sure it would be 10 today.
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Wow that long without Timmys! NEVER (I don't usually get any food there, just my cuppa steeped tea)

I am on WW and the Spark Group and I made 10lbs today ~does happy dance~
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I just joined up with sparkpeople, mainly for the calorie counting/calorie burning calculations. I was doing south beach and have found the phase 1 awesome for losing 5lbs and getting rid of the carb cravings, but as soon as I get stressed out (which is all the time it seems) i fall back into old habits (comfort food like breads and cereal or chocolate). Hopefully with the daily dairy I can see how the stress eating is affecting things.

ps: i don't know how you resist tim hortons....that's impressive!
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I was addicted to Timmy's (like 2 a day habit...) so I had to give it up
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Two coffees or two donuts (or both)
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What about trying Vietnamese food as an alternative. I don't think it involves as much fried food. At least Pho (noodles, meat and veges in broth) and Bun (same but no broth, only boiled noodles) don't seem too fatty and greasy. They also make spring rolls that aren't fried.

If you are eating chinese, go for the steamed rice, not fried. That should make a difference.
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