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excessive meowing

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I am new to this forum after I searche the web for cat forums.

We got a cat from the animal shelter a little over two months ago: tabby, male, about six months old.
We've had cats before, but after two months this cat is starting to drive us completely nuts. He is constantly, and I mean constantly, meowing at all times of the day, day and night. He literally meows a couple hundred times a day and when he has one of his periods, he meows every two seconds and there is not stopping him.

There is no real pattern to it. Sometimes he just sits there staring at you and starts meowing, or he will be walking around constantly meowing, or at 5 in the morning he will start meowing for ten to twenty minutes straight, either downstairs or upstairs outside the bedrooms.

It is not because he needs food or something. At first we also thought it was to get attention and be petted, but that does not seem to be the case as he just walks around meowing and does not come to you to be petted, meowing just once or twice.

He also has quiet periods where he just lays there it is not like he is meowing all the time, but his meowing periods are getting more frequent.

Any help or info from somebody with similar experiences would be appreciated. Thank you.
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