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Handling help

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Meg and Mog dont like being picked up! Meg won't let people stroke her unless she is in the mood and she resents close shows of affection. The other cat mews in protest because she is too fat to wriggle, and after a few stokes she'll hiss and swipe out. Iv never seen cats make such a fuss about being fussed!!! What should I do to please them?

It's a mystery...
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Well theres a lot of cats that dont like shows of affection, which for the owner is sad But you cant force a cat to do anything they dont want to.

I have 3 cats and Pepsi absolutely HATES with a passion being picked up she squirms and pushes to get away. But she does like to be tickled and stroked, so thats what I do, she´ll walk up to me and flop on the floor and that means SHEs ready for a tickle
Dino is way to heavy to pick up but he's a mommys boy and like to be near me all the time, usually leaning on me. So he gets his chin or head scritched then Now Miss Moofi is altogther different, she´ll let you pick her up and give her huge snuggles when shes fed up she´ll let you know, so I just let her go.

So do any of yours maybe come and sit near you ? try a gentle chin rub, I think you just have to watch their behaviour and go with their moods, you´ll soon pick up when and what sort of affection they want
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There are people who don't like being 'handled' any more than your cat, but you wouldn't try to change them, would you? I know it's hard, you want to cuddle them, but (particularly female cats with female humans) sometimes you might just be stuck with the problem, though they tend to get more 'lappy' as they get older.
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Not a mystery at all. My senior Joji has never been an affectionate cat but still she is my favorite! Cats like people have individual personalities and all we can do is accept it.
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