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Won't be around so much anymore....

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As most of you know, I have been off work since the middle of July on maternity leave. I go back to work on Monday. I weighed all my options and decided I must return at least until something else comes up allowing me to afford to stay home with Amber.

Anyway...I have been able to be here every day while the baby is sleeping to visit with you all, and keep up on what is going on in your lives, and it has been great! I will miss that daily interaction with you all!!

I will still check in whenever I get time, but with working full time, and taking care of a baby, not to mention the house and my husband, I will have much less time online.

So on the days that I do have some free time to get online (mostly weekends, but once in awhile during the week as well, but not every day) I will not be able to read all the threads here and respond to them like I have been. I will just have to go through and pick out some of them because I simply can't read them all.

So...I won't be able to read all the jokes, etc. and I will try really hard to keep up on anything important going on in your lives, but if I should happen to miss something important, or some pictures of your cats, it is not because I don't care or think it is important, it is just because I missed it.

There are usually 20 new threads or so in a single day, and many many new posts in the old threads, and there is no way I can keep up with everything like I have been. I apologize in advance if I don't post to your thread. Like I said, it isn't because I don't care. When I do get online, I will try to read as much as possible, though!!

I love all you guys, and it has been great spending my days with you and with Amber....but all good things must come to an end. I will have to get up very early for work, so I must get to bed earlier, and will be spending alot of time with Amber as well, since I won't see her all day.

You will still see me here quite a bit....I couldn't possibly give you all up! (your like family)

Anyway....just so noone wonders why I'm not around as much, that is why.
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We will miss you being here all the time, too, Debby. Keep us updated on Amber, and be sure to let us know if/when that something comes along to let you stay home with your little angel.
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Good luck with everything Debby.
I know I will miss your posts...

Keep us updated on Amber and the crew .
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Debby, don't worry about us. We know you love us. Please just take care of yourself and you precious little girl. The last thing we want you to do is to over tire yourself or shortchange Amber. those have got to be your most important tasks. I will keep hoping that you can find something to do from home!
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Thanks for understanding guys!!!
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You are such a ray of sunshine around here, your presence will be sorely missed. When you get a chance, please come online and give us an update about you and Amber and kitties. I know what a hard decision it was to make and I know you chased other options first. But Amber's needs and welfare come before anything, and you are doing this for her, so just keep reminding yourself of that. Hugs(((())))))))
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Ditto what Mary Anne said. Can't compete with that!

We'll miss you. Just make sure you keep sending in Amber pics. Wouldn't it be nice for her to grow up on The Cat Site?

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Hi Debby,
I hope everything turns out well for you. I know we'll all miss your posts, but I think everyone understands spending time with Amber is going to be your first priority. Just don't forget to stop by and post pictures of her!
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Even though I have only been here a short while, one can see how much you are appreciated around here. Your responses to the various threads reveal a beautiful & thoughtful person.

Remember positive spirits lead you to the "needs" of your soul. You may "want" certain things, but life will make sure your "needs" are met first.

Keep your chin up!
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Oh Debby, how quickly that time went by. I am so sorry that you have to go back to work!!
We will be happy to see you ANY chance you get to pop in. On the days that you can't - we will STILL be thinking about you
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We'll miss you woman!!!

Good Luck to you!

See ya soon! :tounge2:
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Tis ok Debby! I haven't been around for long but I will miss your threads and we'lll all still think of you. ^_^
Good luck with work.
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Good luck w/ going back to work Debby! Don't worry, Amber will be fine, and you will adjust too.

We will surely miss you around here though, I always love your posts here and in the mod check in often if you can!!!!!!!!
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Thanks so much! I will still be around quite a bit, just not as much as I used to be and I know I will miss alot of things going on, but I know you all understand so that makes me feel much better. Luv ya!
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I will miss you! I wish you good luck in going back to work on Monday, too. I hope you are able to find a new job soon so you can be with Amber more than you can be right now........ Hang in there; You will make it thru! Think of her cute little face while at work Can you wear jewlery at your place of work? Maybe buy a locket w/ her pic!
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i am sure your charm will be missed. enjoy your time with amber and as many relaxing bubble baths you can sneak in. when ever i'm stressed i take a loooong bubble bath. so don't forget to pamper yourself every now and then too!
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If I get a chance for a looooong bubble bath, I'll probably be on here instead...:laughing: (that's not to say that I won't be taking baths. :laughing2 )
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Debby!?!? YOU!?!??! Not on TCS every minute of the day!?!?!?!? Its just not normal!!!! whatever shall we do?!?!!? Seriously though love, you take care of yourself and Amber and we'll be more than happy to snatch any time with us you can manage
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