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Pepsi´s Gift - ummm a bunny

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So this is what Princess Peps managed to bring home this a.m.
As you can see I managed to get it off the cats, Miss Moofs had joined in the so called fun bunny is now back down its bunny hole aint he cute
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well cats will be cats, that what they do. just glad you were able to get the bunny away. hehe and yes he is cute.
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Poor bunny! Glad you rescued it.
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Wow that's a good sized catch! Glad you could rescue him.
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Poor bunny! i bet his poor little heart was just racing. Glag he's free again.

When we lived on the farm, my grandmas cat caught a baby bunny once. I took it away from her and put her int he house and the bunny behind the barn, hoping it would run away.
but i think she paralyzed the poor thing.
So after taking it in and keeping it in a cage and watching that it didn't move AT ALL for 2 days, we took the poor bunny in to be euthanized.
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Yep, been there myself. Cat brought in a young rabbit and it got into my room. Luckily I was able to catch it and release it.

The kitty was most unhappy as he was planning on hasenpfeffer later.
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Ohh what a cute bunny, we don't see many around here. Glad you saved the bunny!
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OMG, how cute!!! That's nice that the kitties just wanted to play, rather than actually kill the bunny straight away... One of our childhood kitties would always have to kill things as soon as he caught it. It was so gross...
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Aww~poor bunny I am certainly glad you could rescue him....

My cats are notorious for catching bunnies.....
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