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large bunny

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wow now this is a rabbit. size of a small pig. hmm i want one( and i dont mean for dinner like they said in the story)

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They had that guy on tv around here not too long ago.I will say that i kindly disagree to an extent with what he's doing and also with what he feeds some of his rabbits. Some of the things he gives them is simply just not healthy. I also don't like the fact that he's supporting N. Korea...but i'll leave it at that since this isn't an IMO thread. / The rabbit itself is very cute though My grandparents used to raise meat rabbits. They were NewZeland Whites. I was devestated when i realized what they did with those rabbits when i was little- but i understood that it put food on the table and kept a roof over our heads. I have a bunny now, Sophie. She's a blue holland lop and is a total little ham. I try to be really responsible as a rabbit owner. They are much different than any other animal. They are prey animals, so unlike cats and dogs which are generally predatory- they can be timid and frighten easily. I also had her spayed as soon as i got her- spaying a rabbit reduces their odds of reproductive cancer- one of the number one killers of female rabbits. She is also indoors only like the rest of my animals -it's the safest thing for her. She's definitely not as big as that bunny over in Germany though. He's like a little giant
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When I was raising meat rabbits, I raised satins as they are on the big side, but also have a usable pelt.
I felt that if they were going to die to feed me and my family, I'd feel better if as much of the animal as possible were used.

As for the German rabbit, they were calling them German Greys?
Looks like a Flemmish Giant to me and they've been around forever.

And yes, that's a terrible rabbit diet, poor bunnies would be better off with pellets than such an imbalanced fresh food diet.
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Sorry but am I the only one who is terrified of that bunny?!? If that thing ever chased after me i'd have nightmares for life!

My grandfather has a few bunnies and not even the biggest are half his size!
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wow he´s a big ' un - bet my Bunny Catching Pepsi couldnt get that one
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Sorry but why would he want to help N Korea?

I think those creatures are rather frightening......
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Sorry but why would he want to help N Korea?
Because he's in it for the money
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