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New Cat...Attacking or Playing??

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Helllo Everyone,
My bf and I got a new cat about a week and half ago. We already have Tito which is 3 years old and always been a only cat.
Well our new cat is Misha2 years old and a calico. They were getting along pretty well, a little hissing here and there...no big deal.
But....a couple days ago Mischa has started doing a 'punch like' move towards Tito. At this Tito starts moving away from here, pretty much doing nothing. At some point, Tito seems scared and slowly moves into the closest corner.
I dont know if there are claws involved....
So pretty much my concern and question is, Are they playing? Or is Misha a bully??
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I have two cats and time to time they try to figure out who is the #1 cat. They are similar in size and at times they even have somewhat fights for a nice place to lay down for example. However, it passes quickly and next minute they snuggle together. Still I remember when I got 2nd cat it took a good few weeks before they felt comfortable with each other. First week I kept the new cat in the separate room since my Havana Brown can be pretty agressive.
I do actually recal that the new cat tried to bully at some point too but that got sorted out as well.

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It's an invitation to a rough play session leaning more towards a challenge. My 5 young ones do it all the time. If any are not interested, they back away. Your Tito is not interested yet. He may change his mind unexpectedly.
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